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Emily in Paris is Netflix’s latest bingeable show. Fans are dying for a season 2, but for now, they can learn these off-screen tidbits about the cast.

Netflix’s latest hit, Emily in Paris was created by Darren Star and stars Lily Collins. In the show, 22-year-old Emily Cooper starts a new life in Paris where she meets plenty of entertaining characters along the way. Broadway star Ashley Park plays Emily’s new best friend Mindy and Lucas Bravo plays Emily’s love interest, Gabriel.

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With a dynamic cast filled with fresh faces, Emily in Paris is one of the most bingeable series streaming right now. And thanks to the stars’ Instagram accounts, it appears that the cast and crew got along better behind the scenes than their characters did.

10 Lucas Bravo, Samuel Arnold, And Ashley Park All Lived Together

ashley park living with her coworkers - emily in paris


Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Samuel Arnold (Julien), and Ashley Park (Mindy) don’t interact much in the show but off-camera, the trio became fast friends. In an interview with Glamour, Ashley Park said she was so excited to be in Paris for the first time and got along with Lucas and Samuel so well that they all lived together. The two men moved in with Ashley for a month and a half because she had spare bedrooms. For fans, it’s fun knowing these three fabulous characters all got along so well off-screen.

9 “Sex And The City” And “Emily In Paris” Have The Same Creator & Costume Designer

patricia fields and ashley park - emily in paris

If fans of Sex and the City thought they saw similarities in Emily in Paris, they weren’t wrong. Darren Star created both shows and Patricia Field was the costume designer for both sets.

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Star really knows how to create calculated and spontaneous drama within friendships and relationships. Likewise, Field knows how to style each character in such an articulate way. Emily in Paris also has subtle shoutouts to Sex and the City through fashion and locations.

8 Mindy’s Name Comes From A Special Place


Where did the names Emily and Mindy come from? According to Star, he loved how simple both names were. He loved the name Emily and thought it was a sweet, subtle shoutout to the 2001 French film Amélie. When it came time to naming Emily’s best friend and tour guide of Paris, Star chose Mindy after an actual Mindy in his life. “It’s a little homage to her. She has an amazing spirit and was a great guide for me to everything in Paris,” he told Glamour.

7 Ashley Park Hosted The Show’s Wrap Party

behind the scenes of emily in paris - end of the series wrap party

According to Lucas Bravo, Ashley Park is the glue that kept the cast together. “It’s always sunny when she’s around. She was basically the element that connected everybody in the cast and made it so easy,” he told EW. She even hosted the wrap party at her Paris apartment.

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She called the “Denim Star party” in honor of Darren Star and had everyone wear denim. The only wrinkle was made was the amount of noise they made. Park said the police showed up with a noise complaint and they had to quiet down!

6 Lucas Bravo Was A Chef IRL

gabriel the chef in emily in paris

Newcomer Lucas Bravo played Chef Gabriel, Emily’s love interest. Gabriel apparently makes life-changing omelets, perfectly cooked steak, and was talented enough to own a restaurant. Bravo was asked if he can cook in real life and shockingly, not only can he cook, he was a cook.

After working at a bar for a while, he asked the chef if he needed assistance in the back and he accepted Bravo’s help. He said, “So for two months, I was basically a sous chef and I had a blast.”

5 The Writers Wrote In Paris To Be Inspired (And Ate At The Same Restaurants)

behind the scenes with daren star on emily in paris

According to Bravo, the crew was a combination of American and French. Everyone came together for the better of the series in a harmonious way.

In order to nail the French culture — including the fashion — Emily in Paris writers stayed in France while working on the script. Lily Collins even mentioned that the cast and crew would go to nearby cafes and restaurants that were depicted in the show. “We could eat at Café de Flore and have dinner, or a nearby market to pick up food.”

4 Emily In Paris Was Inspired By Darren Star’s Time In Paris

behind the scenes with the writers emily in paris

By looking at Darren Star’s roster, it’s obvious he has a great insight into the female mind. From Sex and the City to Younger to Melrose Place to Emily in Paris, Star knows what makes great television. When Star was in college, he visited Paris for the first time and knew he had to go back. “I loved the city and hanging out there, so I’ve always been thinking about how to give viewers that experience and share that,” he said. Like Emily, he too wanted to live and work in Paris.

3 The Real Reason Why Lily Collins Took The Role

lily collins as emily cooper - in emily in paris

Lily Collins does a great job as the young American tourist exploring Paris through fresh eyes. So, why did Collins fall in love with the role? According to Cosmopolitan, “[Emily] sees ‘no’ as a comma, not a period.” She continued saying “If I had just accepted those ‘no’s,’ I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today.

Emily Cooper may be young but she always has a backup plan and is quick on her feet to think of another option instead of giving up.

2 Season 2 Dreams

Due to COVID-19, it’s not known if Emily in Paris will get the second season that it deserves but the writers are already brainstorming ideas for a possible follow-up. Star told TV Line, “In season 2, [Emily]’s going to be more of a part of the fabric of the world she’s living in.” Cooper will appear as a Parisian native and know the way of the land better than she did in season 1.

1 Lucas Bravo Connected With Gabriel

lucas bravo as gabriel in emily in paris

In the show, Gabriel is hung up on his new American neighbor but feels trapped by his emotions because he has a girlfriend named Camille. It becomes even trickier for Gabriel when Camille and Emily become friends.

In real life, Lucas Bravo can relate and connect with Gabriel because of his personality. He told EW, “Obviously, as a conflicted character who himself is kind of lost, he’s looking for excitement and curiosity and I felt attracted to that because as an actor, you’re always expecting and questioning yourself. I recognize myself in that.” Whether Bravo acts on his romantic intentions with Emily or Camille is unknown until a possible second season.

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