10 Continuity Errors In Firefly


Casual TV and movie viewers know Jose Whedon for his work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the first two Avengers movies. But back in 2002, he helmed the space Western drama Firefly on FOX. But despite getting amazing reviews, Firefly was canceled after one season. The show grew even more popular after its cancellation, garnering a cult following and generating plenty of revenue from DVD sales.

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Firefly even won an Emmy for “Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series.” Due to its popularity, a movie sequel titled Serenity was later developed. Despite the brilliance of the original series, it was littered with continuity errors. The following are the ones that stand out the most.

10 Shepherd Book Turns To Leave Twice


In the third episode titled “Bushwhacked,” there is a scene where Shepherd Book is discussing the electrical nets. Jayne is heard saying: “One day you’re gonna tell us all how a preacher knows so damn much about crime.”

After the conversation, Shepherd Book is seen turning and leaving. A few seconds later, a close-up shot of he and Mal is shown and Book is standing in the same exact spot, despite having left seconds ago. After that, he turns to leave once again. The error happens quite quickly.

9 Nandi’s Hands Are Still Moving After Her Death

When Nandi gets killed, she drops to the floor. In consecutive shots, she is seen lying on her back. Her left hand is straight next to her body while her right hand is tilted upwards, close to her head.

Things change right after Inara and Mal stare at each other towards the end of the scene. Despite being dead, Nandi’s arm has now moved to her chest and is lying across it. Since neither Inara or Mal moved her hand, it remains a mystery how this happened. This error occurs in the 35th minute of the thirteenth episode.

8 A Torn Food Packet

In the fourteenth episode of the series titled “Objects In Space,” Jayne is seen having a conversation with Simon and River at one point. He warns them about Saffron and tells them to stay away.

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At that moment, he can be seen holding food that is wrapped in a very intact foil. He places it on a small table right next to him. River then begins an argument where he calls Saffron a liar. In the immediate shot after that, the foil is seen wide open. And right after Rover says that Jayne is a girl’s name, the foil is shown to be intact once again. Jayne is never seen eating anything during these changes.

7 Disappearing Handcuffs

In the ninth episode of the series titled “Ariel,” Jayne leads a team in sneaking into the hospital at Ariel’s capital city. When they walk through a back entrance, they get arrested by federal marshals.

One officer handcuffs Jayne during the process. At the holding area, Jayne and Simon overpower the officers and flee. At that point, his handcuffs disappear without anyone taking them off him. The handcuffs are nowhere to be seen, not even on the floor.

6 Kaylee’s Umbrella

Several minutes into the pilot episode, Kaylee is seen meeting Shepherd Book for the first time. She twirls the open umbrella she is holding over her shoulder as she speaks.

In the next second, the camera moves to Book who is placing his possessions down so he that he can greet Kaylee. When the camera cuts back to Kaylee in about a microsecond, the umbrella is now closed. She is now holding it behind her back. Given the immediate switching of shots, its unlikely that Kaylee had the time to fold her umbrella.

5 New Door?

Still in the fourteenth episode of the series titled “Objects In Space,” Durran tries to call the police before Mal and Saffron attempt to flee. After deliberating on the best way to get out, they manage to move just in time and exit the Bellerophon Estate via a door that has a crash bar.

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But when the security guards who are in pursuit reach the door, it isn’t even the same color anymore. It has changed from black to grey. To add to that, it now has a regular handle rather than a crash bar.

4 The Hat Is Back In The Box

In the early stages of the fifteenth episode, Jayne is reading a note from his mum that she had put in an enclosed box for him. The next shot cuts to Zoe picking a crowbar so she can use it to open Tracey’s coffin.

In the following shot, Jayne is in a reflective mode. He is holding the stylish hat that his mum knitted for him in his left hand. However, right after than, he picks the hat from the box again yet he already had it in his hand. The film editors definitely mixed up the footage on that occasion.

3 Objects On The Tray

Perhaps a sign of things to come, the series kicked off with a continuity error. In the pilot episode, right after the opening credits, River has a terrible nightmare which she suddenly wakes up from.

As she is waking up, she accidentally knocks over a rolling tray, causing some of the objects on it to fall on the floor. But between consecutive shots, the fallen objects keep appearing and disappearing from the tray. The location of the tray also keeps changing. At one point, it’s seen close to the bed and at another point, it’s far away.

2 Where Did The Staircase Go?

Niska’s office was shown a couple of times in the series. Behind the desk, there was a door that led to a room used for torturing people. How exactly could that room be accessed? Well, it’s confusing.

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In the tenth episode titled “War Stories,” there is a staircase is used to access the torture chamber. However, in “The Train Job,” no staircase is needed to access the chamber. Someone can simply walk into the chamber from Niska’s office. The explanation as to why that happens is never given.

1 Fingermarks Disappear

Firefly TV Show

In the fourth episode, there is a scene where the foreman smacks Simon on his back with a muddy hand. When he does this, he leaves visible fingermarks on Simon’s back.

A few seconds later, the muddy shape on Simon’s back appears to have changed. It’s no longer a handprint but just a shape. In the following seconds after that, the mud disappears completely. We doubt Simon had time to run to the laundry. Changed his shirt? Not likely either within the time frame.

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