10 Pokémon With The Highest Base Special Attack


Pokemon has continued to go from strength to strength in recent years. The release of the Nintendo Switch and the success of Detective Pikachu have both contributed to the continued rise of this franchise; not to mention the fantastic animated films and series of course.

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Part of the mechanics of the video game revolves around Pokemon containing certain stats. Each Pokemon has a stat for a special attack. However, the base number is higher on more impressive Pokemon. 10, in particular, are much higher than the rest of these powerful little creatures when it comes to these base stats.

10 Darkrai: 135

Darkrai Pokemon


A relatively older Pokemon, this mythical creature is incredibly powerful. A dark type Pokemon, it’s certainly dangerous and is capable of extreme damage in battle. Its special attack rate is high enough to get it into the top 10, without any training.

Appearing in generation IV, it was one of the strongest Pokémon of that year and has a very high base normal attack as well. This shadowy figure is sure to give Pokémon trainers nightmares, not least because of what it can do in a fight.

9 Porygon-Z: 135

Porygon Z Pokemon

Porygon-Z is actually the final form of a Porygon and has evolved from a Porygon2. Much more powerful than its predecessor, this Pokémon looks a little goofy and as if an experiment has gone wrong, but is in fact extremely powerful.

Considering that Darkrai is a more mythical Pokémon and Porygons are slightly more common, it’s impressive that this normal type creature actually has the same base level stats as a Darkrai when it comes to those special attacks. It’s better off evolved for sure!

8 Alakazam: 135

Alakazam Pokemon

Alakazam is the final form of an Abra and is the third stage of evolution. Often Pokémon that will go through three stages will be far more powerful, but perhaps because of the psychic type that he is, Alakazam is even more impressive.

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The yellow creature, who is known for holding two spoons, is very useful in battle since his special attack rating is actually at a 135 as well. Overall however Alakazam may not seem quite as useful as a Pokémon like Darkrai.

7 Palkia: 150

Palkia Pokemon

Palkia is the legendary Pokémon associated with Pokémon Pearl. It’s an incredibly powerful being and is a step up in terms of its base special attacks. Palkia was an incredibly hard Pokemon to catch and this may be partially why.

At 150, this Pokémon takes everything up a notch. While it is rivaled by another legendary Pokémon on this list, in battle it is still certainly formidable and was a useful asset to have on any team, once the game was completed.

6 Dialga: 150

Dialga Pokemon

Dialga is the equivalent to Palkia. As the legendary Pokémon exclusive to Diamond at the time, the character held very similar stats to make it fairer to players. It, therefore, has the same base level of special attack.

Much like Palkia, Dialga is especially powerful and one of the most destructive Pokémon in its respective game. It was also a rival to Palkia, which is likely why its stats are also so strong; with each becoming almost unstoppable after significant training.

5 Deoxys Normal Form: 150

Normal Deoxys Pokemon

Doexys is a fascinating Pokémon. Not only is it extremely powerful in its normal form, matching other legendary Pokémon from across the universe, but it actually has the ability to transform as well, making itself even more dangerous.

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This almost robotic Pokémon has a base stat of 150, which is extremely high. It also has 3 other forms, including attack, defense, and speed which were available in different versions of the game. It’s a great Pokémon to bring into battle considering its versatility.

4 Rayquaza: 150

Rayquaza Pokemon

The Rayquaza is the equivalent to the Kyogre in the Pokémon universe, but this massive snake-like beast is a dual-type Pokémon. Both dragon and flying, it’s really a surprise that the special attack base isn’t actually higher.

Another legendary Pokémon, this creature is quite terrifying and almost impossible to catch, asides from those lucky players that encountered it at the end of their games. It has become of Pokémon’s most iconic legendary characters.

3 Kyogre: 150

Kyogre Pokemon

This water-type Pokémon is obviously inspired by a whale is one of the earliest legendary Pokémon to be introduced to the series. It is a mighty beast which many other Pokémon fear, unpredictable and powerful.

It’s starting stats are also 150, making it hard to catch like so many other mythical creatures in the universe. It’s actually a Pokémon that Ash Ketchum has come across and one that even he thought to be supremely powerful.

2 Mewtwo: 154

Mewtwo Pokemon

Mewtwo, the second incarnation of the Mew, is one of the most powerful Pokémon in history. A science experiment seemingly gone wrong, this creature has a mind of its own in the worst possible way, able to create extreme psychic attacks.

As the subject of multiple movies and being a Pokémon that is very very rare to catch, Mewtwo had to be a lot higher. With a base rate of 154, it already has some legendary Pokémon with their backs against the wall.

1 Deoxys Attack Forme: 180

Attack Form Deoxys Pokemon

Deoxys is quite surprisingly the Pokémon with the highest base stat for special attacks. In its attack form, it is unbeatable in terms of numbers, since the Pokémon is quite literally designed to do just that.

In the same way, its defense mode is so great, Deoxys was perfectly equipped to go on the attack. It was also a good Pokémon to have as part of a well-balanced team, in order to cover the many bases needed for a gym!

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