Animal Crossing Villagers With Perfect Halloween-Themed Designs


Some Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers look born for a Halloween party. Here’s a look at the ones that would dominate a costume contest.

There all kinds of Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers, yet some look like they were just born to win a Halloween costume contest. Some are scary and some are funny, but they all have one thing in common: a spot-on, recognizable outfit. Here’s a look at some of the best Animal Crossing villagers who excel at playing dress up.

With almost 400 different Animal Crossing villagers, it’s only natural for Nintendo to get a little creative with the different looks and designs given to each character. From creepy Coco to cheesy-bodied Cheddar, there is certainly a unique variety to occupy one’s New Horizons island.

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Some villagers sport distinctive outfits that really set them apart from others. If they were to be judged in a costume contest, who would go home with a prize? While there are plenty of spooky Animal Crossing villagers, this list looks at those who perfectly impersonate a distinguishable theme.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Snake The Ninja

Animal Crossing Snake


Snake is a jock-type rabbit villager known to sport the perfect ninja outfit. His clothing and name could be a reference to Snake from the Metal Gear series. His catchphrase is “bunnyip.”

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Ribbot The Robot

Animal Crossing Ribbot

Ribbot is a solid-metal jock frog and sports a similar appearance to the robotic ostrich villager, Sprocket. His robot resemblance and catchphrase, “zzrrbbitt,” earns him a well-deserved spot on this list.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Tia The Teacup

Animal Crossing Tia

Sweet, normal-type villager Tia’s teacup appearance is reminiscent or Mrs. Potts from Beauty and The Beast, or, really, just any porcelain teapot. Additionally, this elephant’s catchphrase “teacup.

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Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Eugene The Greaser

Animal Crossing Eugne

Cool-shades Eugene’s bomber jacket and smug personality makes this koala villager look like the perfect greaser stereotype. His “yeah buddy” catchphrase puts him just two thumbs away from the The Fonz from Happy Days.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Clay The Luchador

Animal Crossing Clay

Clay is a lazy hamster villager with the catchphrase of “thump.” Although he’s based on Japanese earthen figures known as Doku, he also resembles a luchador wrestler.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Sterling The Knight

Animal Crossing Sterling

Skraaaaw!” Sterling is a jock eagle villager dressed as a knight in shining armor. His house resembles that of a jail cell, perhaps making him feel like a dutiful dungeon guard.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Toga-Wearing Klaus

Animal Crossing Klaus

Cranky bear villager Klaus is known to say “strudel.” He comes dressed like he’s ready to attend a toga party, and his Greek/Roman attire is fitting for this list.

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Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Fast Food-Clad Frita

Animal Crossing Frita

Frita looks like she popped out of a McDonalds Happy Meal. This sisterly sheep villager is dressed like the perfect fried snack. Her catchphrase is “oh ewe,” a play on her species but also something one might be saying after too much junk food.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Pietro The Clown

Animal Crossing Pietro

Another sheep villager, Pietro seems to be either hated or adored by Animal Crossing fans. His ridiculous catchphrase of “honk honk” is appropriate for this colorful, smug clown.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Tucker The Caveman

Animal Crossing Tucker

“Fuzzers. This lazy elephant – or mammoth – villager looks like he just came from the Stone Age. He’d fit in well with The Flintstones‘s characters, as he does an excellent job of rocking his animal print caveman outfit.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Lucky The Mummy

Animal Crossing Lucky

This fan-favorite lazy dog villager gets points for having not only a great mummy outfit but a spooky look. Lucky’s catchphrase, “rrr-owch,” sounds like something Scooby-Doo might say.

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Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Mira The Power Ranger

Animal Crossing Mira

Sisterly bunny villager Mira’s red zap suit makes her look like a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger. She’s also been compared to Sailor V from Sailor Moon. Her catchphrase is “cottontail.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: Ankha The Pharoah

Animal Crossing Ankha

Ankha is a snooty cat villager and one of New Horizons‘ more sought-after characters. Her catchphrase is “me-meow,” and her Cleopatra design earns her a spot on this list.

Animal Crossing Halloween Villagers: The Superhero Squad

Animal Crossing Superheroes

Wrapping up this compilation is the combined outfits of Animal Crossing‘s superhero villagers: sisterly gorilla Rocket (“vroom“), peppy squirrel Agent S (“sidekick“), lazy elephant Big Top (“villain“), and jock cat Kid Cat (“psst“). Although their costumes work individually, their matching helmets, suits, and designated numbers make this quartet seem like a cute animal version of the Fantastic Four, or maybe just a colorful band of racecar drivers. Either way, their overarching theme makes for an excellent group costume.

While there are plenty of other villagers with great designs, these would surely excel at a Halloween costume contest if held on one’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons island. Their brilliant outfits should earn them all the trick-or-treat candy.

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