Has The Justice League Become DC’s Next Suicide Squad?


The events of Dark Nights: Death Metal have caused Detective Chimp to lose hope and he’s starting to refer to the Justice League as the Suicide Squad.

Warning: contains spoilers for Justice League #55!

The Justice League is now the Suicide Squad according to one hero who has lost all hope. The Dark Nights: Death Metal storyline has thrown the DC Multiverse into chaos, and the tide of the conflict continues to turn against DC’s heroes. The Batman Who Laughs is more powerful than ever and the fate of the multiverse may be in his hands. Fragmented, the Justice League’s members are still striving to defeat their powerful foe, but one hero is throwing in the towel.

One of the teams to split off on its own mission consists of Nightwing, Hawkgirl, Detective Chimp, Starfire, and Cyborg. On their journey to rescue the Martian Manhunter and the Legion of Doom from Perpetua’s throne, the team crosses paths with Lex Luthor, who offers to guide them safely to their destination. Given Luthor’s history with the Justice League, however, the heroes decline his offer and continue on their own. Ultimately, this leads them to a deadly obstacle, the Valley of Starro. As the heroes enter the valley, they begin to have hallucinations about their loved ones. When they try to resist these illusions, though, the illusions begin to fight back. Luthor arrives to rescue the heroes and Nightwing is able to snap out of Starros’ sway, but the rest of the heroes are not as easy to save.

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Justice League #55 by Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha, and Daniel Henriques, picks up with Nightwing and Luthor being attacked by Starfire, Hawkgirl, and Cyborg as the trio tries to fight Starros’ influence. While this battle ensues, Detective Chimp wanders off, deciding to embrace the illusion and spend time with his fallen friend, Nightmaster. Nightwing and Luthor succeed in freeing the other heroes and, as they make their escape from the valley, they snatch up Detective Chimp, ending his illusion as well.


Detective Chimp is enraged as soon as his allies shake him back to reality and his anger continues as the team ventures forward. After gaining some distance from the valley, Detective Chimp breaks down, asking his teammates why they couldn’t have just left him. He claims that his fantasy was better than their current reality and that he doubts any of his teammates will come back from this mission. Cyborg tries to deny it, but Detective Chimp doubles down saying, “We’re not the Justice League… we’re the Suicide Squad.” A few moments of silence follow the dejected detective’s claim before Starfire suggests that the team should “go down fighting.” Unfortunately, her words do not resonate with Detective Chimp, as he decides to stay behind once the team reaches its next destination.

The story ends with the Justice League (or the new Suicide Squad) coming face-to-face with Perpetua’s Omega Knight, a colossal enemy that poses a major threat to the team. Alongside the Omega Knight is Mindhunter, an evil combination of Batman and the Martian Manhunter. Unfortunately, this confrontation could make Detective Chimp’s new team name a lot more accurate. In fact, it seems as though most of the team is vaporized immediately by the Omega Knight. Despite the Justice League’s good intentions, this team of heroes may indeed be on a suicide mission.

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