Pokémon Crown Tundra Has Highest Shiny Odds Ever Revealed In Data Mine


Pokémon: Sword & Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC introduces a Shiny hunting method that makes finding Shiny Pokémon easier than it’s ver been.

Shiny hunters have a new method of hunting Shiny Pokémon thanks to Pokémon: Sword & Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC, and the odds of finding a Shiny using this new method are the highest in the history of Pokémon games. Within a few hours of the Crown Tundra DLC’s release, Twitter was filled with pictures of Shiny Legendary Pokémon thanks to this new method.

Shiny Pokémon are incredibly rare color variants that are not easy to come by. Every Pokémon has a Shiny variant which changes the Pokémon’s colors. These shinies don’t have increased stats, special moves, or signature abilities, but their insane rarity makes them highly coveted Pokémon to obtain. The base odds of finding a Shiny Pokémon in Sword & Shield are 1 in 4096. Players who have the Shiny Charm have the slightly increased odds of 1 in 1365. But the Crown Tundra DLC introduces a new hunting method that drastically raises those odds.

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The Pokémon: Sword & Shield Crown Tundra DLC released worldwide on October 22, and players began to upload pictures of their newly found Shiny Pokémon within the hour of its release. The sheer number of Shiny Legendaries being found on night one led players to believe that the new Max Raid Den feature introduced in the Crown Tundra must have a higher Shiny odds than randomly encountering Pokémon in the wild. These suspicions were confirmed when Twitter user and notable Pokémon data miner SciresM posted the exact odds of finding a Shiny Pokémon through the Max Raid Dens.

Without a Shiny Sharm, players will have a 1 in 300 chance to find a Shiny Pokémon through the Max Raid Dens, making Shiny hunting in Raid Dens 13 times easier than encountering one in the wild. Players who have a Shiny Charm have even better odds at 1 in 100. These odds apply to every Pokémon that a trainer encounters in the Raid Dens, and each Dynamax Adventure offers four encounters including one guaranteed Legendary Pokémon. That means that every time a player completes a Dynamax Adventure, and if they catch all four Pokémon, they have a 1 in 75 (1 in 25 with Shiny Charm) chance to encounter a Shiny Pokémon.

These odds may seem absurd, but each Dynamax Adventure can take between 15 to 20 minutes to complete making every encounter take much longer than a wild encounter. Players also have to work together to defeat very strong Pokémon, and one wrong decision can cost a team their progress towards finishing the adventure. While Pokémon: Sword & Shield’s shiny odds are now the best the series has ever seen, it will still take some elbow grease and dedication to find one of these coveted color variants.

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Pokémon: Sword & Shield is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Source: SciresM

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