Why Wrong Turn Left A Real On-Set Injury In The Movie


Wrong Turn featured numerous fake injuries for its fresh-faced cast of up and comers, but one actor suffered real injuries that made the final cut.

2003’s Wrong Turn featured numerous grisly fictional injuries, but had some real ones behind the scenes that ended up making the movie’s final cut as well.

Arguably the franchise’s strongest installment, Wrong Turn was the only one in the six movie franchise to make it into theaters; the rest were released direct to video. Despite having an enduring fanbase despite a slew of negative reviews for later sequels in the cannibal horror movie series, Wrong Turn is slated for a seventh movie—a reboot from original writer Alan B. McElroy—titled Wrong Turn: The Foundation. Release information for Wrong Turn 7 is unknown, but is expected to arrive sometime in 2020 or 2021. Though the sequels all saw diminishing returns, the first Wrong Turn movie was marked for success out of the gate due to the creature design by the legendary Stan Winston as well as a talented cast of up and coming or newly popular actors, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s Eliza Dushku, Desmond Harrington, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Jeremy Sisto.

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Wrong Turn boasted numerous problems behind the scenes, with many elements of production going terribly wrong. Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui wasn’t the only actor who was injured on set, but her shoulder dislocation has been oft-talked about due to the fact that the sound of her shoulder popping out of place can reportedly be heard in the audio during her death scene. Chriqui joins the list of numerous other actors who were injured during a movie, such as Jennifer Lopez’s brush with death in Anaconda and Linda Hamilton’s permanent hearing loss during production of Terminator 2. Though the scene is an important one for the movie, Chriqui’s on set injury was likely left in the movie’s final cut for several reasons.

Emmanuelle Chriqui in Wrong Turn (2003)


Alongside her co-star Desmond Harrington, who injured his leg (ironically, the one that his character didn’t injure in the movie) during filming, Chriqui’s shoulder dislocation is a definite set-back and a less than ideal situation for an at-work actor. Even so, its inclusion in the movie adds for one of Wrong Turn‘s most iconic—and tragic—scenes, along with an amazing shot of her body falling through the trees, which is reportedly where and how she sustained her injury. Chriqui’s character, Carly, is one of the final three survivors. After taking shelter in a radio tower, the cannibal brothers who are pursuing their prey end up burning them out of the tower. Despite the inherent danger of the situation, Jessie (Dushku), Chris (Harrington), and Carly have no choice but to jump.

Though reluctant, Carly eventually jumps and starts to make her way across precarious tree branches with the others. However, the nimble Three Finger (Julian Richings) makes his way into the trees with them, and ends up sneaking up behind Carly — her friends are helpless, and watch her get decapitated from the other side of the branches. Her body then falls down to the ground below; the shot of her headless body hitting limb after limb on the way down is one of the movie’s most brutal. It’s interesting to think that in a movie where Dushku actually set a stunt performer on fire during one of the final sequences that a shoulder dislocation would be one of the main focal points of Wrong Turn‘s legacy, but Chriqui hasn’t gone on to be known for continuing work in the horror genre.

2003 was relatively early in the actress’ career, and Chriqui went on to have roles in shows like Entourage and The O.C. after Wrong Turn‘s release. In later years, she did voice work on TV shows like Thundercats (2011-2012) and TRON: Uprising (2013). Most recently, Chriqui appeared in Super Troopers 2 (2018) and played the role of Dr. Lila Kyle in The Passage (2019). While an unfortunate moment for Chriqui, it was a smart decision not to cut the scene from Wrong Turn — not only is it an impactful and memorable death, but it served as the perfect lead-in to the movie’s epic conclusion.

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