Henry Cavill’s Superman Joins The Boys To Fight Homelander In Video Edit


A fan video edits footage of Henry Cavill’s Superman into The Boys to set up an epic clash of superheroes against The Seven’s Homelander.

A fan video edits footage of Henry Cavill’s Superman into The Boys to set up an epic clash of superheroes against The Seven’s Homelander. Played by Antony Starr in Amazon Prime’s hit satire of superheroes, Homelander is a psychopathic version of what a superhero with Superman’s powers could end up like if he was raised without love or morals. Based on the comic book of the same name, the show skewers superhero tropes, and Homelander is very much based on DC’s iconic superhero.

In the DC Extended Universe, British actor Henry Cavill took on the mantle of Superman, first portraying him in 2013’s Man of Steel and going on to star in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. He will also appear in a larger role in the upcoming HBO Max directors cut, called Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Despite not appearing in any DCEU movies since 2017, he is a popular actor in the role, and there are rumors that Cavill will return as Superman in some capacity over the next few years, perhaps even in another solo Superman movie.

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Now, the worlds of Superman and Homelander clash in a new fan edit video from YouTube channel Adeel of Steel. The video teases what many have speculated about – in a fight between the two superpowered individuals, who would win? The video edits Cavill’s Superman into The Boys incredibly seamlessly, making it seem like Superman turns up in the alternate universe to take down Homelander. Featuring the stars of The Boys and Cavill, the edit ends by teasing a mid-air superhero fight between the two, and dubs the potential movie Homelander V Superman. You can watch the video below:

Unfortunately, this fan video is the closest audiences will get to seeing the two superheroes clash, and as a result, it’s totally fascinating. Not only does it make the similarities between the two more obvious, from the red, white, and blue suit to the glowing red eyes, but it also illuminates the fact that Zack Snyder’s version of Superman is not as different from Homelander as fans might think. Without a proper upbringing, the powerful, angry young version of Superman seen in Man of Steel may well have ended up just as evil as Homelander is in The Boys.

The video is also perhaps proof that The Boys’ parody superheroes have become almost as popular as the characters they satirize. It’s a startling rise for a fringe comic book, which is now Amazon Prime’s most successful shows and one of the most-watched programs at the moment. As for a clash of two major superheroes, season 3 might give audiences what they’re looking for, with the inclusion of Soldier Boy, who was the original leader of The Seven before Homelander.

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Source: Adeel of Steel/YouTube

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