Nightwing’s Attempted Murderer is Back To Finish The Job


After much shame and ridicule, KGBeast has resolved himself to finish the job and kill Dick Grayson for good in the latest issue of Nightwing.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Nightwing #75

Nightwing is back in the aftermath of the Joker War, and while most in the DC Universe are glad to see his return, there is one who’s definitely not. KGBeast, the assassin who shot Nightwing in the head and caused his long-standing amnesia in the first place, has returned to Bludhaven to finish the job he failed to complete 2 years ago. And this time, KGBeast is going to make sure he gets the kill shot.

While Nightwing is trying to pick up the pieces after Joker War and put his life back together, he meets with several different key figures in his life in Nightwing #75, from writer Dan Jurgens with art by Travis Moore and Ronan Cliquet. Throughout his first week back, Dick meets with his friends in the Titans, as well as with Batgirl, Batman, and even envisions a conversation he would have had with Alfred if he were still alive. Most of them are hoping to see Dick hop right back in the saddle, put his old Nightwing suit back on, and be his old heroic self. However, it’s not so simple for the young hero. While he does have his memories back as Dick, he did lead another whole life as Ric, and even formed a relationship that he’d like to maintain, though he’s currently unsure if he can balance a life with Bea and be Nightwing at the same time.

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However, KGBeast has also been busy. After suffering much ridicule and shame in Russia for missing his kill-shot on Nightwing, and getting his arm ripped off by Robin who sought revenge, KGBeast decides to return to America to finish the job and regain his honor and reputation. Dropping in from a plane undetected, Knyazev makes his way to the very bar where Nightwing is talking with Bea, resolved to kill Nightwing, up close and personal this time.


KGBeast isn’t going to take any risks with shots from long range, as he’s quite resolved to kill Nightwing for good during this rematch. After first trapping Dick and Bea under a hail of gunfire, he then enters the bar himself, beating down Grayson with a vengeance, taking no chances. The fight has only just begun at the issue’s end and before Nightwing can get the upper hand, KGBeast grabs Bea, threatening to kill her right in front of him in order to make Dick suffer before the villain kills him as well.

However, KGBeast’s attack may be antithetical to what Dick was hoping for. While Batman told Dick that happiness is next to impossible with the lives they lead, Dick disagreed. He went to the bar to try and makes things work with Bea, promising that he could commit to being with her and still be Nightwing before KGBeat burst in. Even if Nightwing does manage to get Bea safe, it seems now doubtful that he’ll be able to find that balance he was hoping for. Fans will just have to wait and see as Nightwing continues from DC Comics.

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