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Most have a fond memory of the Halloween season approaching and gettign giddy over being able to watch the Halloweentown films on Disney Channel. Those films, along with a plethora of others, made the Halloween season a fun treat.

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Looking back at the Halloweentown films, there were a number of powerful witches and warlocks. Some good and some evil. There are even some magic user that gave Marnie and her grandmother a run for their money. In a world frull of magic, who has the upper hand and are better off winning a fight? These witches and warlocks either saved the day or wrecked havoc for their own gain.

10 The Dominion

Keone Young, Scott Stevensen and Leslie Wing in Return to Halloweentown


The Dominion are more powerful as a whole than they are separate. The Dominion ended up being the main atnagnist int he final film of ht franvhise. They were a group made up of the universities professors who used Marnie to obtain a powerful amulet known as The Gift. The group included Chancellor Goodwin, Dr.Ichabod Grogg and Silas Sinister along with his daughters and others.

They still rank as being powerful because each member is already deeply rooted in the ways of magic. This is because they’re entire lives revolved around it, unlike Marnie who lived part of her life in the mortal world. On top of that, this group was an evil organization.

9 Sophie

Emily Roeske as Sophie in Halloweentown

Sophie is an interesting witch compared to her family. From the first film, audiences are aware that she has some typ eof ability that her siblings don’t. Almost as if she hasn’t tapped into her full potential that could lead her to be a great witch.

For example, in the second film, she tells her grandmother that she feels someone coming. She could feel an evil presence and dark magic. Seeing as she is still new to learning magic she is a bit lower on the list of being powerful. But her starting at a young age can also mean she will have a greater knowledge of magic.

8 Dylan

Joey Zimmerman as Dylan in Halloweentown films

Much like Marnie and Sophie, Dylan lived a majority of his childhood unaware of his magical potential. But he also didn’t want any part of it and didn’t see himself as fulfilling his role as a warlock. He did in the first film use his powers to help his family defeat Kalabar

Dylan every once in a while would showcase his abilites but often kept it hush-hush. In the final film, audiences come to know that Dylan liked using is powers for another reason. Being the academic person that he is, he would use magic to read hundreds of books within hours.

7 The Scarlett Sisters

Kristy Wu, Katie Cockrell and Kellie Cockrell as Sinister Sisters in Return to Halloweentown

The Scarlett Sisters are those studetns that think their the most popualr and thate everyone wants to be them. It also doesn’t help that their father is the head of a powerful company and the leader of the Dominion. Throughout the film, its his daughters that truly showcased some wicked and evil magic.

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Sage, Saphire and Scarlett Sinister are sisters that aren’t meant to be messed with. They’re all a bit evil. They have no issue using their magic on school grounds despite it being prohibited. Scarlett even uses Dylan to do her bidding. At one point she enchants her pen to do her classwork. They even turn Dylan into a dog for fun.

6 Miss Periwinkle

Millicent Martin ad Professor Periwinkle in Return to Halloweentown

Miss Periwinkle is an admirable witch who has a long history with magic. It’s because of this that she ranks higher than others on the powerful scale. She becoems good friends with Marnie at college and a guide. It’s revealed that Periwinkle has been around since the beginning of Halloweentown.

She was also good friends with Aggie when she was queen. Her long history using magic from so long ago makes her an expert in magic and knows all the tricks of the trade. On top of that, she worked for centuries in the anti-Dominion group. She’s also the one who strips the Dominion members of their powers.

5 Gwen Piper

Judith Hoag as Gwen Piper in Halloweentown films

Gwen Piper was originally born in Halloweentown and comes from the most powerful witch families to exist. She has power running through her veins. But she fell for a mortal and got married. She ended up realizing that she wanted to stay in the human world and raise her children there.

Despite her being out of commission in regards to magic, it still makes her powerful. Her mother is after all Agatha Cromwell. Throughout the films, we see her start to come to terms with using magic like cleaning up a dirty front yard or using her powers to help defeat Kalabar.

4 Kalabar

Robin Thomas as Kalabar in Halloweentown

Kalabar was a formidable opponent to the Cromwells. He proved himself to be quite powerful. That’s until the Cromwell family destroyed him. But Kalabar disguised himself as a scary hooded figure who wreaked havoc on Halloweentown. His powers were showcased when he would lure townspeople to an old theater and have them fall into an eternal sleep.

He also scared viewers when he would emerge from a portal on stage in a disturbing face disguise. Overall, Kalabar had some magic tricks up his sleeve. He even cast a spell on the goblin named Luke and made him handsome. Kalabar was also evil seeing as he wanted to take over the mortal world.

3 Marnie

Kimberly J. Brown as Marnie in Halloweentown 2

It’s no surprise that Marnie would have a high ranking on the list seeing as she’s the films main character. But it doesn’t give her the title of being the most powerful. She does come from a long line of witches crowned as being the most powerful to exist.

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She did live a majority of her youth unaware of her powers like her siblings. Throughout the films, she proved her worth in defeating Kalabar and saving Halloweentown. She even managed to figure out the spell to revert the town back to normal in the second film. She used her good magic to defeat Kal. Marnie has proved that alone with her magic she can do some damage. She even manifested the Gift and helped destroy it, kind of.

2 Kal

Daniel Kountz as Kal in Halloweentown 2

Depsite Kal being the main antagonist in the second film, he gets his props for his well thought out evil plan. He also gets a good ranking for being a powerful warlock. He managed to trick Marnie into showing him Aggie’s room to steal her spell book. This allowed him to perform one of the hardest and forbidden spells in the book. The grey spell.

His plan wasn’t over, he cast a dangerous “creature spell” on the mortals at the Halloween dance. Kal proved to know his way around magic and had the witts to concoct a devious plan. He even turned a frog into a human to play his fake father.

1 Aggie Cromwell

Debbie Reynolds as Aggie Cromwell in Halloweentown films,

This goes without saying that Aggie Cromwell, played by the lovely Debbie Reynolds, is the most powerful witch in the room. To be fair, Aggie didn’t have her downfalls where her magic wasn’t at its peak. For example, she couldn’t break the “grey spell.” But overall, Aggie has some powerful magic running through her.

This is because her family is the most powerful witch family to exist. In the final film, her backstory is revealed. She once ruled over Halloweentown as queen and was in possession of a powerful amulet called the Gift. She can do everything from casting spells, enchanting her never empty bag, broom flying to everything in between.

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