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Granddaughter of Elvis Presley, Riley Keough, started out as a model and had her first film role at the age of twenty. Since then, Keough has stepped into a variety of different roles, and seems to be able to transform herself into any kind of character. Although she has become well-known for her many horror film roles, Keough’s acting cannot be confined to a single genre.

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Keough has portrayed the girl next door, the scandal-exposing reporter, and even the serial killer, and is often met with critical acclaim for her performances. With a relatively lengthy oeuvre, Keough’s ten most highly rated performances according to IMDb serve to showcase her growing diversity as an actor.

10 Lovesong (6.3)



In 2016, Riley Keough starred alongside Jena Malone in the romantic drama Lovesong directed by So Yong Kim. In the film, Keough and Malone star as best friends who have not seen each other for many years and decide to go on a road trip together.

Keough plays Sarah, a discontented stay at home mother who is far removed from Malone’s free-spirited character, Mindy. Despite the different paths their lives have taken, the two women begin to reconnect on their trip as they discuss their respective lives and reminisce on their friendship.

9 Under The Silver Lake (6.5)

Under The Silver Lake

Under The Silver Lake is a mystery/comedy directed by David Robert Mitchell and starring Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough. Garfield’s character, Sam, is a lazy and unmotivated young man whose life is turned upside down when he meets his new neighbor Sarah.

Keough plays Sarah, Sam’s dream-girl, who suddenly disappears after the two spend an evening together, leaving an empty apartment in her wake. Sam sets out on a quest to track down the elusive Sarah, and discovers even more mysteries and conspiracies along the way.

8 Paterno (6.5)


In Paterno Keough plays the role of young reporter Sara Ganim, who reports on a sexual abuse scandal at Penn State University. The film stars Al Pacino in the titular role of Joe Paterno – the college football coach.

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Keough’s character Ganim is based on the real-life Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, who uncovered the scandal. The film follows Paterno as he is exposed for having turned a blind eye to the behaviors of his colleague, while Ganim continues to speak to the victims.

7 The Runaways (6.5)

The Runaways

Keough had her first fim role at the age of twenty, in Floria Sigismondi’s The Runaways. The film stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning as Joan Jett and Cherie Currie of the 1970s rock band The Runaways.

The film is a biography of the two girls and follows them as their all-female teen band is formed, and the girls become accustomed to drugs, alcohol and performing. Keough plays Marie Currie, Cherie’s twin sister, who gets left behind as her sister embarks on a new life.

6 The House That Jack Built (6.8)

The House That Jack Built

In the 2018 Lars Von Trier psychological horror The House That Jack Built, Keough plays the girlfriend of serial killer Jack, played by Matt Dillon. The film follows Jack as he recalls his crimes in detail, and justifies them with an artistic narrative.

Keough’s unwitting character, Jacqueline, is introduced in one of Jack’s many flashbacks as his girlfriend. Jack cruelly refers to her as Simple, and treats her as if she is stupid. Jack attempts to confess his crimes to Jacqueline, who initially doesn’t believe him, but eventually becomes quite scared and chaos ensues.

5 American Honey (7.0)

American Honey

American Honey stars Riley Keough alongside Sasha Lane and Shia LaBeouf. The film follows Lane’s character Star as she meets LaBeouf’s character Jake and is invited to join him on the road selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door.

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Keough’s character Krystal is the leader of the group and agrees to have Star join them on the road, but never quite warms to her. Krystal serves as the kind of antihero of the film, contributing to Star’s newfound freedom while also standing in as an obstacle to many of the things that she wants.

4 Logan Lucky (7.0)

Logan Lucky

Keough plays Mellie Logan in Steven Soderbergh’s 2017 comedy heist film Logan Lucky. The film follows Jimmy Logan, played by Channing Tatum, and Clyde Logan, played by Adam Driver, as they attempt to carry out a heist at a motorsport complex.

Keough’s character Mellie Logan is a hair stylist, and sister of Jimmy and Clyde, who gets recruited to help her brothers execute their plan. The siblings, along with some other recruits, and Jimmy’s insider knowledge of the complex, are forced to implement their plans earlier than usual, to disastrous results.

3 The Girlfriend Experience (7.1)

The Girlfriend Experience

Riley Keough was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance as Christine Reade in The Girlfriend Experience – the TV anthology adaptation of the Steven Soderbergh film of the same name.

Keough received critical acclaim for her portrayal of the law-student who ventures into the high-end escort industry, in the first season of the show. Reade is a cold and detached character who juggles escort work with her internship at a lawfirm, and discovers a lot about herself in the process.

2 The Devil All The Time (7.1)

The Devil All The Time

The Devil All The Time is a 2020 Netflix Orginal film starring Tom Holland, Robert Pattinson and Bill Skarsgård, among many others. The psychological thriller spans several decades and is based on the novel of the same name.

Riley Keough plays the character of Sandy Henderson who is married to Jason Clarke’s character Carl. Among the many other sinister and questionable things that happen within the film, Sandy and her husband drive around picking up hitchhikers and befriending them, with menacing ulterior motives.

1 Mad Max: Fury Road (8.1)

Mad Max fury road

Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise. The post-apocalyptic action film stars Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky, and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa.

Keough appeared in the film in a supporting role, as Capable, one of the wives of the film’s villain Immortan Joe. Immortan Joe had five wives, two of whom were played by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Zoe Kravitz, and Theron’s Imperator Furiosa attempts to free them all.

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