Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Is The Next James Bond In Comic Cover Recreation


Digital artist apexform shares some new fan art that shows Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool as James Bond, the world’s most famous spy.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool becomes the next James Bond in some stunning new fan art. Deadpool premiered in 2016 and became an instant smash hit, with critics praising the fast-paced action scenes, intriguing storyline, and Reynolds’ performance. Deadpool 2 also garnered positive critical and commercial reviews.

Reynolds’ Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, has long been known as a foul-mouthed character, who periodically breaks the fourth wall just because he can. Deadpool’s accelerated healing abilities mean he is effectively immortal and has survived being shot, stabbed, ripped in half, and blown up. As such, Deadpool is hilariously nonchalant about running headfirst into ridiculously dangerous situations. In addition, he isn’t afraid to tell the audience about whatever snarky comment he currently has on his mind.

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According to digital artist apexform, Deadpool’s newest, slightly meta adventure is to become the next James Bond. Deadpool wears Bond’s iconic suit and bowtie combination, although he also has a cheeky unicorn pin on his lapel. Deadpool holds a gun with a silencer, which is deeply ironic considering the words beside him read, “The gun may have a silencer, but I sure don’t.” Apexform has based Deadpool’s new James Bond look on one of the anti-hero’s comic book covers. You can check out apexform’s amazing new rendition of Deadpool-as-Bond below:

It’s somewhat fitting that apexform has cast Deadpool as the next James Bond, especially since that particular role is currently up for grabs. The world’s most famous super-spy has been played by Daniel Craig for the past few years. However, Crag is bowing out of the franchise after the release of No Time to Die, which means James Bond film bosses are currently searching for a replacement 007. There have been some big names that are rumored to be in the mix, including Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, and Henry Cavill. That being said, none of these actors could hold a candle to Deadpool if he suddenly decided to play James Bond, which underscores that apexform has given fans the crossover that they didn’t know they needed.

While a lot of Deadpool 3 is still up in the air, Reynolds, for one, is ready to get back to work. Thanks to the Fox/Disney merger, though, it’s unclear what comes next for Deadpool, and creator Rob Liefeld says that Marvel Studios has been radio silent. To that end, fans can only keep their fingers crossed that there will be a breakthrough—and that Reynolds’ Merc With A Mouth will be back in action sooner rather than later.

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Source: apexform/Twitter

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