Tom Holland Has The Spider-Man 3 Script But Swears He Won’t Spoil It


After confirming that he’s now in Atlanta to start filming for Spider-Man 3, Tom Holland now reveals he’s finally received the film’s script.

Tom Holland has already received the script for Spider-Man 3 and he promises that he won’t leak it. The actor recently arrived in Atlanta as filming for the upcoming Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures Entertainment collaboration nears. Now, he continues to prepare to step back into the MCU as he learns about the threequel’s narrative.

It was only last year when Holland’s Spider-Man was almost pulled out of the MCU following a brief conflict between Marvel Studios and Sony. Things were eventually smoothened out with the character staying in the universe in the foreseeable future. While Spider-Man: Far From Home clearly set up the narrative for Spider-Man 3, it’s curious if the Jon Watts-directed flick will still move forward with it as it’s now getting increasingly certain that the movie will be the MCU’s live-action version of Spider-Verse following a couple of casting news. Jamie Foxx is reportedly reprising Max Dillon aka Electro from 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while Benedict Cumberbatch is supposedly also boarding the project as Doctor Strange.

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Given these interesting new additions to Spider-Man 3, fans are curious now more than ever what will go down in the threequel. Holland is about to find out as he announced on his official Instagram (via The Cosmic Wonder) that he has gotten the film’s script. But, for those hoping that he will slip back to his old ways, the actor promises that he won’t be leaking anything about it. Watch the video below:

Holland has made a name for himself for easily letting out spoilers. There have been several instances where he accidentally let narrative details slip which became a big thing since the MCU is notorious for keeping them tightly under wraps. All that being said, the actor has also gotten better at keeping his lips sealed, especially with regard to the events of Avengers: Endgame and Far From Home. Months after the Joe and Anthony Russo movie hit theaters, he admitted to knowing about Tony Stark/Iron Man’s (Robert Downey Jr.) death in the franchise for more than a year since they filmed the massive funeral scene during the production of Avengers: Infinity War. Since he’s able to keep that massive bit a secret until after it played out on the big screen, it’s safe to say that he’ll be able to do the same for Spider-Man 3.

With Holland more likely having a better handle at his impulse to blab about plot details, it’s curious of Marvel Studios is also easing on their security on him. If anything, the fact that they gave him a copy of the script, regardless if it’s the complete version or not, while he’s at home is proof that they’re confident that he won’t make clumsy mistakes with regard to handling such sensitive material. This doesn’t mean, however, that the studios won’t use Holland’s image as a plot leaker to market Spider-Man 3 like they did in the past.

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Source: Tom Holland (via The Cosmic Wonder)

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