Anthem Gets First Overhaul Update Post In 3 Months


Anthem developer BioWare is giving players a look behind the scenes at the game’s ongoing rework, including expanded character customization.

A new Anthem dev blog shows that the reworked game will include a new character build system, while the other game features are still very much in the early phases of development. Since its underwhelming launch nearly two years ago forced developers to go back to the drawing board, fans have been starved of new information. One of the biggest complaints players had when BioWare’s co-op RPG first released was the lack of options available for making satisfying javelin builds.

The update comes at a time when Anthem is in desperate need of a revival. After all, Anthem currently holds the distinguished honor of being BioWare’s worst-reviewed game after multiple reports revealed the frustrations of players who either had their consoles shut down by the game or noticed the finished product had bugs that rendered it unplayable. This prompted developers to completely scrap the original version and rethink the very concept of the multiplayer game.

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In a new blog post from BioWare, the developer provides a detailed breakdown of new updates that are coming to Anthem. The update explains the thinking behind the most important concepts in the upcoming release. BioWare studio director Christian Dailey expands on the idea of javelin skill trees that players can use to keep progressing through the game, unlocking new abilities along the way. The intention behind introducing the skill trees is to let players choose a specialization that they continuously upgrade, including baseline active abilities, passive abilities, and stat boosts that are applied to a player’s specific javelin. As the player keeps progressing with their javelin, new abilities are awarded that the players can customize further by using mods.

Anthem Character Sheet


The overhaul also features a new artifacts system that Dailey says is intended to replace the previous components system. This change has been done to address players’ complaints that components were no different than stat modifiers. It appears likely that Artifacts will play an important role in the new update. Artifacts are defined as extremely powerful pieces of technology that separates the javelin and freelancer apart. Build diversity was another issue that players struggled with early in Anthem‘s lifetime, so this particular change could go a long way toward reinvigorating the game in players’ eyes.

While there’s no word on when Anthem will officially be relaunched, it is nonetheless encouraging to see an example of developers who are genuinely interested in considering feedback and integrating those very suggestions into future patches. After a bumpy start, this is exactly what players and the larger gaming community want to see from developers; players want to know their feedback is valued and has an impact, cultivating more transparency in the process. Players who still believe in Anthem‘s potential may have new reason to feel reassured by the new direction BioWare is taking it in.

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