Beverly Hills, 90210: Brandon’s Greatest Lovers, Ranked


Ever since the first day Brandon Walsh walked into Beverly Hills High, he cemented himself as the Prince Charming to all the Beverly Hills princesses. He even managed to turn the head of the most popular girl at school at his first house party. Through his nine seasons on Beverly Hills, 90120, Brandon Walsh won and broke the hearts of many, many girls.

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The Minnesota native even had some admirers he never quite returned the feelings for, like Andrea and Valerie, both of who he saw as more of a sister than girlfriend material. This was the same with Kelly, in the beginning, but fans all know how that played out.

10 Brooke Alexander


Brook was a girl Brandon met during the summer of season 3, while working at the beach club. He teams up with her to play volleyball and the two bond over both being from Minnesota.

The two dated for a few episodes until she reveals some ugly truths about herself. Brandon comes to realize she is racist and stuck up, after repeated remarks and her treatment of some of Brandon’s coworkers. Brandon, being the decent guy he is, could never be with someone so bigoted and intolerant.

9 Karla Montez

Brandon dated Karla in the first season, after meeting her in a strange arrangement, thanks to his parents, Jim and Cindy. Karla was their housekeeper’s niece and she was a very intelligent young girl who had the misfortune of being born on the wrong side of town.

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Her family convinces the Walshes to let them use their address so she can enroll at West Beverly and be safer after she witnessed a murder. In the end, the killer confesses to the crime and she’s free to go back home, which she chooses to do, thus leaving Brandon hanging for what would be one of many many times in his romantic journey.

8 Sheryl

90210 - Sheryl

Sheryl is a girl Brandon dated before moving to Beverly Hills. She comes to visit Brandon in season 1, having not talked since he moved to California. After the two sleep together, they come to realize they aren’t in love anymore, a point made more clear by her apparent crush on Dylan and Brandon finding out he was not her first.

She goes back home in the end, but at least Brandon lost his “v card,” which he lords over Brenda until she loses her own virginity at the end of the season.

7 Lucinda Nicholson

90210 - Lucinda

Oh, Lucinda. She came into Brandon’s life in season 4 during college and left a tornado in her wake. Brandon starts up a fling with her only to realize she’s married to his professor and is just bored with her marriage. She continues to seduce him until the professor finds out and makes it his mission to make Brandon’s college life difficult from there on out, almost causing him to get expelled a few seasons later by framing him for cheating.

Lucinda was far from worth all the trouble, as she really did not care about Brandon the way he cared for her and just wanted to have fun. Many fans consider her and Brandon among the worst couples on the show.

6 Susan Keats

90210 - Susan

Brandon met Susan in college when working on the paper. He had to work hard to convince her to date him, but once he does, she falls hard, and the two dated for quite some time in the sixth season. But then Susan chooses a job over Brandon for the summer, a summer they agreed to spend together.

Considering Brandon turned down his own amazing job opportunity for her but she couldn’t do the same for him, this was something Brandon just could not get past and he dumped her on the spot. Brandon took this betrayal pretty hard, but after a road trip, he was ready to move on to the next one.

5 Emily Valentine

Emily is one of the most notorious of Brandon’s loves, as she was the only one to drug him. She slipped him the drug U4EA in the hopes of loosening him up one night. And while he did indeed loosen up and have a great time with her that night, as soon as he realized what happened, he dumped her.

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She then proceeded to become a little unhinged and nearly lit a parade float on fire in front of Brandon’s house. Thankfully, the group got her help and she even reconnected with Brandon a few seasons later in San Francisco, but she moved to Europe after sharing a romantic weekend with him and never called.

4 Nikki Witt

Brandon dates Nikki during his senior year in high school. At first, he is apprehensive about dating her, due to her being a sophomore and having dated David before. But the two hit it off and her free-spiritedness and easygoing nature loosened Brandon up, even managing to get him to dance.

But unfortunately, the two had to call it quits when she got homesick for her parents living in San Francisco and moved back home.

3 Tricia Kinney

Many fans of the show might not even recognize this name, but the high rating comes from Brandon himself. At the gang’s high school graduation, Steve asks Brandon which of his past flings he cared for the most and he picks Tricia, the figure skater from season 2 who stole his heart before leaving to train in the Olympics.

It struck many as odd that out of all the woman he dated leading up to that, Nikki and Emily included, Brandon felt the most connected to this brief love, only lasting one episode. Maybe she was just always the one that got away. But of course, this was all before Kelly and Brandon.

2 Tracy Gaylian

Another love to come after the aforementioned figure skater is Tracy Gaylian, who Brandon meets when she starts working at the news show Brandon helps manage in college. He and the news anchor take a while to finally allow themselves to date and they have a good relationship, with Brandon even bringing her to Hong Kong to meet his dad.

But one thing continued to get in the way: Kelly. After dating Kelly in college, Brandon never really got over her and Tracy figured this out. Brandon was forced to choose and it surprised nobody that he chose Kelly Taylor.

1 Kelly Taylor

90210 - Kelly

Even though he saw her as more of a sister when she was his twin sister Brenda’s best friend in high school, college caused him to see her in a new light. This was mainly due to a trip to Washington that led them to have to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and they realized just how good of a couple they actually made. Until Kelly was forced to choose between Brandon’s proposal and Dylan’s ask of traveling around the world. In a move that was sure to make feminists happy everywhere, she chose neither, deciding instead to focus on herself.

It takes Dylan moving to London, Kelly dating a drug addict, and Brandon dating a handful of girls before the two finally get back together. But then Kelly gets shot, gets amnesia, forgets, and then remembers Brandon and then the two get engaged and then decide at the altar not to get married. Fans later find out the real reason they didn’t work out is that Jason Priestley had already decided he was leaving the show. A decision that he told CNN he regrets to this day, realizing it was his fault Kelly and Brandon didn’t get the ending they deserved.

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