Genshin Impact’s Huge Mobile Launch Made It $245 Million In One Month


A report reveals that Genshin Impact made more than $250 million in its first month, making it one of the biggest mobile launches ever.

Within just a month, Genshin Impact has made an astonishing $250 million in mobile sales, making it one of the biggest mobile launches ever. While the game did release on multiple platforms, it particularly shined on its mobile release, passing other mobile games and becoming one of the top-grossing apps in the world.

Genshin Impact started strong with its first week making up to $60 million in sales, and it only moved up from there. The game particularly sells well due to the gacha system it utilizes while being free-to-play, where players buy in-game currency to get a chance at obtaining their favorite characters. Every missed roll only further incentivizes the player to spend money to get more rolls. While the game is not particularly pay-to-win, with people proving it is possible to beat the current game with minimal rolls, players found themselves spending money trying to unlock characters they liked.

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Sensor Tower reported that the game made $245 million in its first month, surpassing big titles like PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings. With the game making $60 million in its first week, that means even after the initial release, the game has averaged $60 million every week for its first month. Genshin Impact manages to push players to spend more and more on the game, with the release of Klee’s banner giving it one of their most successful days. Genshin Impact likely rose in popularity not only for its characters, but the vast open-world RPG all within a mobile game.

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Whether the game will continue at this pace or not is uncertain, as players have started to complain about problems with Genshin Impact as a whole. The game feels mostly unfinished, with many complaints about the lack of content. Many players have found themselves maxed out at the end of the storyline with nothing left to do. There are also complaints regarding Original Resin being far too restricting, with methods of purchasing it being too expensive, and in-game ways of obtaining it being way too infrequent. When Original Resin is responsible for limiting the player’s ability to progress in the game, it is understandable why players may find it frustrating.

If these problems go unaddressed or ignored, players will likely find themselves burning out and quitting Genshin Impact regardless of how much money they’ve spent. Even if miHoYo were to change the surprisingly low drop rates for characters, there are still bigger problems to deal with regarding the lack of replayability and restrictions that the game has. The initial release is likely to generate millions if it’s popular, but once less money is coming from new players, then miHoYo needs to address the players who stuck around for what’s to come.

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Genshin Impact is available on PlayStation 4, PC, Android, and iOS.

Source: Sensor Tower


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