Marvel’s Blade Dreams of Killing The Twilight Vampires


In Ultimate Comics Avengers 3, Blade reveals that he dreams of slaughtering the vampires from Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.

When Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series was adapted into a series of films, the successful franchise managed to capture the hearts of some but was condemned by others, especially those who claimed the films tried to put a stake in the beloved horror niche. The films were heavily criticized and frequently lampooned in pop culture, ranging from criticizing the source material or actors’ performances to flat out claiming Twilight vampires had no relation to classic depictions of the undead. That backlash extended to the world of Marvel superheroes, where the vampire hunter Blade fantasized about putting the Cullens down. Literally.

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In the Ultimate Marvel Universe – a parallel Marvel Comics reality meant to appeal to a new generation of comic book readers while also giving creators the ability to take characters and stories in new directions – Eric Brooks is Blade, the Daywalker and famous vampire hunter. This version of Blade remains essentially the same as his mainstream Marvel counterpart, but did not appear in many Ultimate series titles until Ultimate Comics Avengers 3, at which point he arrived with attitude.

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In this series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve Dillon, the Ultimates’ black ops team the Avengers learns that superheroes have begun mysteriously disappearing. Investigating this causes them to cross paths with Blade, and together they discover that Marvel’s vampires have decided to launch an invasion against humanity by converting all of the world’s superheroes to their ranks. After Captain America is bitten and more of their ranks are turned into vamps, Blade is taken into custody after trying to stake Steve Rogers, which gets him bitten by the Super Soldier. That’s where Millar’s version of Twilight comes in.

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Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #4 begins with the Ultimate Marvel version of Twilight with “Stella” and “Edgar” talking about their absurd relationship and how they literally have nothing in common. Blade interrupts the not-so-romantic staring, speaking words that many could relate to, and begins to chase Edgar with a stake in his hand. Millar and Dillon reveal that this is a dream that Blade has every night, chasing the vampire played by Batman actor Robert Pattinson down and waking up just before he stakes the immortal teenage vampire.

Unfortunately, Blade wakes up with Captain America attempting to drain him of blood while SHIELD agents watch confused, afraid to shoot and kill the iconic superhero. Even after Blade shoots him and explains that he’s beyond being wounded by conventional weapons, SHIELD’s lack of preparation and Brook’s poor attitude end with the vampire Steve Rogers escaping and Blade in custody. Although things continue to get worse for the Avengers, the intermission into Blade‘s dreams gave the creators an opportunity to parody an unfortunate chapter in the vampire genre and offer a solution to Twilight that many comic book fans may have preferred.

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