The Ascent Is The Latest Game Delayed Out Of Xbox Series X Launch Window


Yet another Xbox Series X launch title has been delayed; this time it’s the futuristic science fiction action RPG The Ascent, which is pushed to 2021.

Microsoft has announced yet another delay out of the Xbox Series X launch window, only this time it’s lesser known launch title, The Ascent. The Ascent is only the latest game to be delayed ahead of the new generation console release, with Halo: Infinite standing as the most high-profile game to get bumped.

Publisher Curve Digital and developer Neon Giant have teamed up to create an all-new science-fiction action RPG built around a corporate-run metropolis full of creatures from across the galaxy, with neon high-rises scattering the skyline and gritty alleyways filled with seedy individuals. Players will dive into a chaotic city, where the main system running the show has shut down for some unknown reason, with everyone scrambling to take the top billing seat in the chaos. It will be up to the player and up to three of their friends to fight off the hordes of criminals and rival corporations looking to capitalize on this rare opportunity in this upcoming action RPG.

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The announcement comes shortly before The Ascent‘s intended launch date, mirroring the recent delay of Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt Red which also had to announce a delay ahead of the November release date midway through next month. Initially, The Ascent was set to release this year, on or close the release of the Xbox Series X/S, but the publisher has been forced to push the date back to an unspecified time in 2021. The reason behind this delay was not disclosed as of yet. The news was announced in an all-new game play footage walkthrough with Neon Giant on the Curve Digital YouTube channel. The footage showcases how two player co-op will work within the dystopian world of The Ascent.

While the game play shown in the video may not be completely representative of the final release product, the narrative driven game play and combat looks very impressive. In other good news for players, once the game is finally finished, it will be free via the Xbox Game Pass for Microsoft subscribers. This is just one of the many games coming to Xbox and PC for free thanks to Microsoft’s subscription model. After Microsoft announced the purchase of Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media, it was confirmed that all future Bethesda titles, such as Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield, will be included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription on release. The move to digitally release such titles for free to subscription users alongside the official releases is an unprecedented move by Microsoft that could see the Xbox Series X/S leagues ahead of the PS5 in terms of sales and popularity in the years to come.

No official release date for 2021 has been announced as of yet. It’s disheartening for so many games to be delayed in the wake of the new generation of consoles set to release in only a few weeks time. With so many games being delayed, this next-gen launch is looking a bit empty for both Xbox and PlayStation 5. Hopefully, The Ascent is the last one these short-notice delays to be announced this year.

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The Ascent is set to release in 2021 on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC via Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Source: Curve Digital/YouTube

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