What Happened To Rachel Bradshaw’s Ex Dustin Hughes


Rachel Bradshaw’s ex is in the hot seat! Find out what Dustin Hughes did to earn the fury of the entire family on The Bradshaw Bunch.

Rachel Brashaw from The Bradshaw Bunch recently broke things off with her boyfriend, Dustin Hughes, and her family has been nothing but supportive. But how much do fans know about Dustin and the reason for the breakup?

The eldest daughter of the Bradshaw bunch has had some hard times of her own, and Dustin has made it worse. After marrying NFL star Rob Bironas years ago, Rachel was happy and living a life of bliss. Tragically, her husband died in a car accident in 2014. Since then, she has been focused on her real estate career and making a name for herself outside of her famous football father. Then, along came Dustin, showcased in the first few episodes of season one with a lovestruck Rachel. But while Rachel was all about her new man, he was disliked by most of her family.

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Each of the Bradshaws have their reasons for their distrust of Rachel’s tall ex-beau, but here’s what we know about his most recent blunder that will trigger everyone’s rage. It was revealed Dustin is having a baby with another woman, with whom he allegedly cheated on Rachel. A heartbroken Rachel explained that, before the news broke, she thought they were getting serious. “The week before we went to Washington, D.C., we were looking at houses in Lantana. During Valentine’s, he was like, ‘Okay, I want to see what kind of rings you like.’ That was right before D.C. — jokes on me,” Rachel says to her sisters in a teaser clip. With her sisters married with kids and Rachel in her thirties, societal expectations could be breaking her back. “I’m horrified. Like, I thought, for me, I would be married, have a couple of kids, at this point…” Rachel tells the cameras in confession. Meanwhile, Dustin is traipsing around with an unbetrothed baby-mama Rachel doubts he will ever marry. Here’s the clip in all of its glory.

Terry had even more to say. As he came into the room, he was shown a picture of Dustin on his daughter’s phone. From his face and description, it was a picture of Dustin standing next to a pregnant woman. “He’s already having a kid!” Rachel shouted from her chair. “Way to go Dustin, you piece of sh*t,” Terry responded. He had a lot more to say in the short clip of his own confessional, calling Dustin a “weasel” that “got some chick pregnant.” If the family was possibly leaning towards accepting him into the fold, they are definitely swinging the other way now. Dustin will likely never find favor with the family, or with Rachel.

In the following episodes after the demise of Rachel’s relationship, Terry mentioned her next boyfriend will undergo a full background check, and told Rachel how upset he was at the revelation. Not much could be found on Dustin’s line of work or his own family, but it could be possible he was using Rachel’s family name for his own benefit. When it comes to the significant others of celebrities, it can be hard to distinguish whose intentions are pure. If Dustin was truly into Rachel, he would have told her about the pregnancy from the start. Was it all a rouse? How will The Bradshaw Bunch help Rachel in the break-up? Stay tuned to see what happens!

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The Bradshaw Bunch airs Thursdays at 9 pm ET on E!

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