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During Blumfest 2020, the second official teaser trailer for Halloween Kills premiered and revealed several pivotal story details. We’ve gone through to figure out each secret and plot detail that David Gordon Green unveiled during the horror festival.

This is the first year Blumhouse Productions has ever held an event where they’ve invited several directors to discuss their recently released or upcoming horror movies. On October 28, 2020, Zoe Lister-Jones’s The Craft: Legacy released, which made it one of the biggest points of discussion during Blumfest. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the horror genre’s most anticipated releases have been postponed until 2021, including David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills. It is the director’s second movie in the trilogy, following up 2018’s Halloween, and the twelfth in the overall Halloween franchise.

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In 1978, John Carpenter introduced the world to Michael Myers, who went on to become one of the biggest slasher icons in horror history. Carpenter didn’t intend to continue with the killer’s story following the completion of Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode story arc. However, fans were not completely satisfied with the direction of Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, which has since gained a cult following. Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers brought the killer back and, since then, he’s been a staple to every Halloween reboot, sequel, and prequel. Now that David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills has an official teaser trailer attached to it, important story details have been released that reveal what’s in store for Michael Myers in this latest installment.

A New Jack-O’-Lantern

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals


Nearly every Halloween movie features a variation on the original’s jack-o’-lantern. This is the first time that Halloween Kills has revealed its rendition of All Hallows’ Eve most iconic symbol. While many of the franchise’s carved pumpkins appear to be haphazardly carved, this one appears neat and clean around the edges. It’s possible that the director is using this symbol as a marker of change in the trilogy’s trajectory based on the significant shift in appearance.

An Empty Street

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

Immediately following the jack-o’-lantern is an empty street, which perfectly juxtaposes the liveliness of the Halloween season. While decorations and streetlights are lit, an eerie atmosphere washes over the neighborhood. It indicates that something evil is brewing in the silence of the night as Halloween approaches.

Silver Shamrock Easter Egg

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

In the very beginning of the teaser trailer, a Silver Shamrock skull from Halloween III: Season Of The Witch is used as a decoration on someone’s front porch. It is entirely common for these masks to make an appearance in various Halloween movies, including 2018’s, which featured several moments with the iconic costumes. As of now, there is no indication that Silver Shamrock will play a larger role in Halloween Kills, but it is entirely possible due its current cult status as well as the theories that have been proposed about their role in making Michael Myers invincible.

Michael’s Burnt Mask

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

At the end of Halloween 2018, Michael Myers is burnt in the basement of Laurie’s home. While he survives the fire, there is no indication of where he went afterwards. The movie only revealed that he survived by including his heavy breathing in a post-credit scene. The latest installment’s trailer shows Michael’s mangled hand reaching for his burnt mask, meaning he is home and ready to take on Laurie once more.

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An Abundance Of Gore

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

According to David Gordon Green, Halloween Kills will be the second act in his three act story structure. As such, it will be the goriest, and its protagonist will falter several times. This will be the movie that likely decides Laurie Strode’s fate, and potentially even the fates of her daughter and grand-daughter. Due to the fact that she has been the protagonist of the series since its inception, it’s likely that Halloween Kills will pass the torch to someone else in her bloodline and possibly feature her death.

Laurie’s Foreboding Expression

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

Laurie Strode looks apprehensively at something in the distance as an apparent gathering occurs inside of someone’s home. It’s unclear what she is looking at, but it can be assumed that she has just heard news of Michael’s return. The intensity behind her stare alludes to an even more intense battle between her and the killer that’s haunted her since her youth.

Lindsey Wallace

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

Lindsey Wallace is returning to the Halloween franchise with the original actor, Kyle Richards, reprising the role she first played as a child in Carpenter’s 1978 movie. In Halloween, Lindsey was dropped off at Tommy’s house by Annie, Laurie’s friend. She and Tommy were part of Michael Myers’ first attack on Halloween night, and it appears as if he has not lost sight of them. One scene in particular shows Lindsey running from an unmoving shadow figure, presumably Michael. This could be the end of the character, but it could also mark the very beginning of a new story arc if Lindsay survives a second time.

Marion Chambers

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

Nurse Marion Chambers will also return to the franchise in Halloween Kills. She was first introduced in the original 1978 movie, where she was attacked by Michael while she was in her car. He drove off in it and headed straight for Haddonfield. In Halloween Kills, it appears that everything will come full circle, as the teaser trailer showed Marion in a car when a hand tries to break through the passenger window from above. The hand is presumably Michael’s due to the fact that she is holding a gun in anticipation. Undoubtedly, Marion is being pursued by the masked killer for a second time as well.

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Haddonfield Hospital

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

Halloween 2 takes place directly after the original 1978 movie, with Laurie in the hospital following Michael’s first attack. After he discovers she’s alive, he comes after her and chases her around the hospital. The fact that Halloween’s sequel also features a hospital is likely a nod to the original sequel, while also serving to perfectly set up who will become the newest protagonist, if they’ve decided to move on from Laurie. Her grand-daughter, Allyson, leaves the hospital with blood on her shirt and a look of determination. She is currently considered a deuteragonist, which is the second most important character next to the protagonist. Due to this fact, it is likely that Allyson will become the new Laurie, which is why she’s featured in the hospital during the teaser.

Karen & Her Christmas Sweater

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

Laurie’s daughter, Karen, will return for Halloween Kills wearing her Christmas sweater to protest the holiday that’s plagued her family for so long. In the darkness, she looks down at something with a cold expression. Her role in Halloween Kills will likely be much more important than the first installment in the trilogy since she helped trap Michael in the basement before setting it ablaze. While she was reluctant to believe her mother in Halloween 2018, she’s a bigger participant in defending her family against him than she was before. 

Lindsey Wallace Alone In The Dark

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

It seems possible that Lindsey escaped Michael when she first ran from him, based on this reveal in the trailer. She’s in complete darkness with only a flashlight to help her see. Lindsey appears lost and afraid of the man who is after her.

Tommy’s Gun

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

A brief clip shows Tommy Doyle loading a handgun that he got from a tackle box. It is possible he’s been preparing for a confrontation with Michael for years – just like Laurie – and has hidden weapons around the house, just in case. In his old age, it may be time for Tommy to try to take down Michael for all of the harm he has done, perhaps even to bring himself closure if he, too, has been haunted by the Halloween night of 40 years ago.

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A Burnt Mask Means More Horror Than Ever

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

Michael survived the house fire in Halloween. His burnt mask is proof of this fact, but it’s also proof that he is practically unable to be killed. He is one of the most feared slasher characters in horror movies because of this near-invulnerability. The mask sets the scene for an even bigger fight against a threat unlike any other. Due to the fact that 2018’s Halloween takes place directly after the events of the first moviepeople are not fully aware of his capabilities except those who have faced him directly like Laurie, Tommy, and Lindsay, though the latter two were only children at the time.

Laurie & Karen At The Hospital

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

Laurie and Karen are at the hospital for unknown reasons. In a split second, Jamie Lee Curtis’s character yells Michael’s name, but it is unclear for what reason. It is likely that he has Allyson in his grip based on the fact that she isn’t seen beside her mother or grandmother — they could have gotten separated in the chaos.

Tommy Doyle

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

Tommy Doyle was originally played by Brian Andrews and then as an adult by Paul Rudd; Anthony Michael Hall has taken on the role for 2021. In the original 1978 movie, Laurie babysits the Tommy on the fateful night that Michael first came to visit Haddonfield to paint the town red. While he did not return with Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise his role in 2018’s Halloween, he is coming back in Halloween Kills. In the teaser trailer, he’s seen through a window behind Laurie as well as loading a gun and walking towards something or someone with a baseball bat. Tommy Doyle seems to be out for revenge against the man that tried to kill him and his babysitter decades before, or is attempting to take a stand to protect his community.

The Senseless Killings Continue

Halloween Kills Teaser Trailer Reveals

While Michael might have his sights set for Laurie and her family, he can’t help but kill several strangers along the way. The trailer shows him killing an elderly man and threatening a Black woman in her home. These characters have not been named, but they’re possibly only two of Michael’s victims, intended to pad the impressive body count that was teased on his journey towards Laurie, Karen, and Allyson.

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Lonnie Elam

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

The teaser trailer briefly features a flashback to 1978, with a young Lonnie Elam running down the street in his Halloween costume. While it is very brief, it can only be assumed that this moment plays a vital role in unfolding the story of Halloween Kills. Based on this flashback as well as leaked photos of Halloween Kills, it likely means that they will return to the Myers house and that Lonnie’s story may mean more to the franchise than it has previously.

The Angry Mob

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

The original title for Halloween Kills was Mob Rules. While it has been changed, there will still be a mob of angry citizens, as shown in the trailer. While some of the people in the mob appear to be angry, others are smiling. It is difficult to deduce what this could mean in regard to the hospital and Michael, but it’s likely that they’ve gathered to demand that he is killed, imprisoned, or institutionalized.

The Myers House

Halloween Kills Trailer Reveals and Secrets

One of the final scenes of the trailer shows Allyson screaming at something unknown to the viewer. In this shot, she has a wound on her forehead, which indicates that this scene occurs after she’s left the hospital. When the trailer initially released, fans speculated that this scene may be the moment that sets up the third movie in the Halloween trilogy. This theory is not at all unfounded. The porch that Allyson is on appears to be the Myers’s front porch. There isn’t much to go off of besides the pillars that are in the front of the home, but the blue siding indicates that they will be going back to where everything began. It’s the perfect setting for Allyson to rise as the new protagonist of the series to replace Laurie, though it has yet to be confirmed if this will actually happen.

As of October 29, 2020, there’s still much that remains unknown to fans of the franchise, though the clues are slowly being revealed. With a short teaser trailer offering so much information, the upcoming installment in David Gordon Green’s trilogy could mean several big things are in store for the franchise and Laurie Strode. The most important detail to note is that the trailer revealed Halloween Kills has an official release date of October 15, 2021.

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Key Release Dates

  • Halloween Kills (2021)Release date: Oct 15, 2021
  • Halloween Ends (2022)Release date: Oct 14, 2022

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