Animal Crossing’s Most Profitable Items, Revealed By Data


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has created a marketplace where players can sell items for an insane profit, and some of the items might surprise fans.

Part of the fun when building a town in Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes from handling money. Right from the start, this town management sim teaches players that investment has a cost, and sets them on the path of repaying Tom Nook for his help getting started on their new adventure. Every investment made to make the island bigger and better has a cost, and players need Bells to pay those bills. Thanks to crafty fans and the internet, a thriving economy has blossomed around Animal Crossing, and some items are more profitable than others when it comes to returns on investment.

Following the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons this past March, Nookazon was established. This community marketplace has become a staple for hardcore fans looking to buy or sell items or even trade villagers in the game. Players can go here to find their favorite Animal Crossing items without needing to waiting for them to appear at Nook’s Cranny or obtain the DIY recipes to craft them. With an accumulation of the data from Nookazon, players can see what items are worth investing in to resell, if they can find the right buyer.

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With so many items to buy, finding the ones that have the best profit can feel daunting. Thankfully, CashNetUsa has compiled the data for players, and the findings are as funny as they are helpful. Ironically, the most profitable item for sale on Nookazon is the easy-to-make Flimsy Net. This is very likely the good humor of the Animal Crossing community at work. The item isn’t remotely rare, and can be crafted cheaply, meaning that spending an impressive sum on one isn’t particularly useful. However, there are a few other items that also resell on Nookazon for a hefty profit.

Technically Animal Crossing’s Most Profitable Item: The Flimsy Net

animal crossing new horizons flimsy net


While this item is likely only the holder of this position as a fun prank, the data shows that if players can find a buyer, their net could catch them 12,500% it’s normal worth. That is a whopping 5 million bells on the Nookazon marketplace for anyone willing to engage in the ongoing inflation of the item’s price for the sake of a good laugh.

Animal Crossing’s Most Profitable Item For Real: The Handmade Cape

handmade cape animal crossing new horizons

The item that holds the more believable return profit rate is the Handmade Cape. This Animal Crossing accessory is harder to come by, as it can only be bought from the Nook Shopping Center on National Children’s Day for 500 Bells. While it is possible to stock up on the items for resale, the limited time to buy it makes profiting off it a little more difficult. Despite this, The Handmade Cape will make a tidy profit of 6,000% of it’s cost value.

Animal Crossing’s Other Most Profitable Item: The Great Statue

great statue animal crossing new horizons

The item that is likely the best investment for resale, according to gathered data, is the Great Statue. This item is easier to obtain than the Handmade Cape, and can be purchased from Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler for a modest 4,980 Bells, but can resell for up to 4,050,000 Bells on the Nookazon marketplace. This resale is easily the biggest profit margin for any item in the game.

Whether it’s to make a profit or have a good laugh, Animal Crossing fans are creative in how they share their island experiences together. While some items may be worth more than others, the fun of collecting and reselling for a profit in the Animal Crossing: New Horizon community makes the hunt for items rewarding for fans. With tools like Nookazon, sharing items between players is easy and helps to bring players together on their journey to make enough Bells for that fully-furnished island home, or to decorate the town square in just the right way.

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Source: CashNetUsa

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