Batman Shows What His Ears Are Really Used For


The ears on Batman’s cowl aren’t just for show, as readers can see they have a useful application in the latest issue of Detective Comics

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Detective Comics #1029

Batman has plenty of gadgets and weapons at his disposal in the fight against crime in Gotham City. However, there’s one gadget that has recently been revealed in the pages of Detective Comics that is truly as surprising as it is impressive: his ears. Apparently, the bat ears on the Dark Knight’s cowl are more than just for aesthetic purposes to make him look more like a nocturnal creature of the night. They can also be used as a great deterrent against criminals as seen in Detective Comics’ latest issue.

In Detective Comics #1029 by Peter J. Tomasi and Kenneth Rocafort, Batman is trying to adjust to his new normal after the events of ‘Joker War.’ Having lost much of his money and resources after it was stolen by Joker to fund his attack on the city, Batman’s budget has been significantly reduced. Also, Bruce Wayne is currently in the process of moving out of Wayne Manor, choosing instead to live in the city proper in order to be closer and more connected to the people he protects. While this seems like a good choice on Wayne’s part, it may have come too late. More and more people in Gotham are gathering in protest against Batman, as characters such as The Mirror and the newest mayoral candidate in Gotham are riling up anti-vigilante sentiments both in the streets and in Gotham’s political theater respectively.

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However, that’s not going to stop Batman from fighting crime and keeping people safe. In Detective Comics #1029Batman is in pursuit of some bank robbers who have a hostage in tow. Midway through the car chase, Batman manages to get on top of their getaway car, pulling the driver out of the vehicle, and hopping behind the steering wheel himself. While the other two robbers and the hostage are justifiably shocked, one of the robbers try to shoot him in the back of the head, with little success. In response, Batman reclines back in his seat and his bat ears do the rest, as they apparently can be used as sharp projectiles.


While this looks pretty comical on the surface, there’s no denying that this move with the bat ears was pretty successful, as it gave the Dark Knight enough time to stop the car, subdue the robbers, and save the hostage. Once he turned the criminals over the cops, Batman recovered his ears and reattached them to his head. While Batman often has the right tool for any situation, projectile bat ears certainly seem to be an awfully specific one. Who knows? Perhaps they’d be helpful when he can’t use his hands to throw his Batarangs or wants to make his headbutts more painful? In any case, they help get the job done all the same in this issue.

While Batman may no longer have access to a fleet of new vehicles, armies of drones, or a massive industrial 3-D printer from which to create new gadgets every week, it looks as though Batman is making do with the little things as he strives to become a better Bat, like his surprisingly useful ears that apparently aren’t just a fashion statement to complete his classic bat-themed style.

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