Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Still “Progressing Well” According To Ubisoft


Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot reveals in the company’s latest earnings call that the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 is “progressing well.”

It looks like Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still actively in development and is apparently progressing well, according to Ubisoft. The sequel to 2003’s Beyond Good & Evil was initially announced back in 2017 during Ubisoft’s presentation at E3, and since then, fans of the original have been patiently waiting for the game’s release. However, it doesn’t look like it will come anytime soon, especially with all the delays that have been occurring due to the ongoing pandemic.

While Ubisoft did give out a lot of details on the game during a hands-off gameplay preview at E3 2018, including the revelation that the game will be a prequel and is being developed on a brand-new engine specifically created for the game, the company has yet to announce any sort of release schedule for the upcoming title. Ubisoft also confirmed during an earnings call earlier this year that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will not be part of its release schedule for 2020, so fans of the series will definitely have to wait a bit longer for the game.

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Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot responded to a question fielded during the latest Ubisoft earnings call about the ongoing development of Beyond Good & Evil 2, especially after the retirement of the game’s director and series creator Michel Ancel from the gaming industry. As reported by GameSpot, Guillemot said the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 is “progressing well” and that there’s a lot of progress that’s being made within the team that’s developing it.


Yes, the game is progressing well. The world is really fantastic. As you could see, Netflix also decided to take that universe and create a movie with it. So there’s a lot of progress in that team and the game is coming along very well.”

As Guillemot mentioned in his response, Netflix also recently announced an adaptation of Beyond Good & Evil, although the project is still in early development and may not release for quite some time. The movie will be produced by Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin from Ubisoft Film & Television while Detective Pikachu’s Rob Letterman will be taking directorial duties. Just like Detective Pikachu, the Beyond Good & Evil movie will mix live-action and computer animation.

In spite of its long development, Ubisoft seems pretty confident with Beyond Good & Evil 2, enough to call it a “AAAA” game along with Skull & Bones, another upcoming Ubisoft game. Hopefully, Beyond Good & Evil 2’s extended development will end up making the final product worth the wait. And if the gameplay preview from E3 2018 is anything to go by, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is definitely a promising game unless Ubisoft has since diverted greatly from what it showed off then.

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