Everything You Need To Know About Boy Band Manager Kenny Braasch


Bachelorette contestant Kenny Braasch has many different layers. Here you will find some interesting facts about the boy band manager.

Clare Crawley has quite a few interesting men vying for her heart on this season of The Bachelorette. One of those guys is the boy band manager, Kenny Braasch.

Kenny was introduced to fans when he stepped out of the limo on night one. He arrived wearing an adorable T-shirt of Clare’s two dogs and a dashing black blazer. Clare may have been impressed with his T-shirt, but he really started to catch her eye during their first group date. The men played strip dodgeball as Clare, and host Chris Harrison, watched as judges. When Kenny’s team had to take their shorts off, Clare was quick to notice Kenny’s physique and was very pleased with his overall tan. Saying Clare was impressed is an understatement.

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When it comes to looking for the right women, Kenny has quite the checklist Clare needs to fulfill in order for Kenny to fall in love. According to his Bachelorette bio, Kenny revealed that he is often misjudged by people, but is actually quite sensitive and caring. The kind of girl Kenny wants is someone who is not controlling, fake, or wrongly opinionated. However, if he does not agree with her opinions, he is not afraid to have a spirited debate. The true key to Kenny’s heart is through music and he loves to talk about work and reliving his favorite concerts and albums. Kenny is definitely a suitor Clare should be keeping her eye on. There is more to Kenny than meets the eye, and fans are slowly uncovering more about him.


Kenny is not your run of the mill Bachelorette contestant. The Illinois native has become quite the successful boy band manager. He is a talent buyer for Chicago’s 115 Bourbon Street bar, where he manages boy bands that are mostly Chicago based. He is also the founder of The Right Stuff Entertainment, a management company that contributes to creating live music acts. Kenny has also become a very successful model, even being managed by Good Talent Management Atlanta. He has been on the cover of Today’s Chicago Woman magazine and has served as the face of the Joker in Mortal Kombat 11.

Kenny is a huge sports fan as well, as he used to play baseball and basketball at Oak Lawn Community High School in Oak Lawn, Illinois. When the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, Kenny declared his love for the Chicago White Sox by expressing how he did not like when fans would flip flop between teams. Kenny is just that dedicated to sports! The boy band manager is constantly posting pictures of himself working out, leading fans to believe he has a love for fitness. Not to mention, Kenny is an animal lover too, as he had shared pictures to social media of him with his furry little pals.

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The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8pm EST on ABC.

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