How the Amazon Dash Smart Shelf Can Keep Your Cupboards Stocked


Amazon’s new Dash Smart Shelf is a weight-sensing, Wi-Fi-connected shelf that tracks the quantity of a product remaining and orders more when needed.

In its never-ending quest to sell more, Amazon has launched the Dash Smart Shelf, which it promises will automate the reordering of products for the home. By recognizing when items need replenishing and doing so seamlessly, the device will supposedly save users the time of keeping on top of what they need and might also stop them from running out of essential goods. In addition to convenience, Dash Smart Shelf users will benefit from discounts on products that they order frequently. 

The Dash Smart Shelf is part of the Amazon Dash family of devices, which first launched in 2015 with the Dash Button. The now-discontinued tags could be attached to, or put in close proximity of, household products and be pressed to instantly reorder them. More recently, Amazon began trialling the Dash Cart at one of its Go stores, which recognizes what items supermarket shoppers have put in it and allows them to skip the checkout, taking payment via their Amazon account.

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Work on the smart shelf concept was announced by Amazon last year, with the firm having collaborated with small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of industries to help them with stock tracking and replenishment. Such was the interest among consumers too, though, that Amazon sought to ensure it would be suitable for them too. It cited the “mundane task of replenishing their household essentials” as the reason for such high consumer interest, something to which everyone can no doubt relate.

How The Dash Smart Shelf Works

The three different sizes of the Amazon Dash Smart Shelf


Like the Dash Cart, the Dash Smart Shelf has a built-in scale that allows it to track how many of an item it contains, with each shelf only to be used with one type of item. A Wi-Fi connection means that, when the shelf recognizes that stocks are running low, it can automatically order one or more replacements. Amazon suggests it can help families to ensure that they don’t run out of essentials like toilet paper, paper towels, laundry and dishwashing detergent, baby supplies or pet food.

The Dash Smart Shelf is powered by four AAA batteries or a power cable and, like Amazon’s Echo speakers, is connected to a Wi-Fi network via a companion app. Once users have logged in, they can choose the product they want to use with the shelf and set their reordering preferences. They can choose for ordering to be automatic or to receive a notification via the app to prompt an order. It’s up to users how seamless they want the process to be and certainly offers an easy way to ensure their most used products do not run dry.

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