How to Set Up & Place the Camera in Phasmophobia


One of the more underrated pieces of equipment in Phasmophobia is the Video Camera. Though it’s powerful, it’s not exactly obvious how to turn it on.

In Phasmophobia, players have access to a catalog of professional-grade ghost hunting equipment to help them gather evidence and identify the type of ghost haunting the house or abandoned building. Sometimes, however, the fancier and more expensive equipment is a liability. If a player is killed by the ghost, they will lose any equipment they were carrying at the time, and though the Amateur and Intermediate maps come with insurance that will reimburse some of the costs of lost equipment, players will still lose money and valuable resources this way. It is entirely possible to identify the ghost room and start gathering good evidence about the ghost’s identity with flashlights, EMF Readers, and the Video Camera.

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The Video Camera in Phasmophobia is fairly inexpensive, coming in at just $50 each. The recording will cast to the TV screen in the truck, and one teammate can stay out of the house to keep group sanity stable and catch signs of the ghost on any cameras placed in the building. This can be an effective tool for identifying the ghost’s room, but it can also be used for efficiency to determine the ghost type; Video Cameras are one of only two ways to catch the Ghost Orb evidence type. Players will want to set up their cameras to capture the broadest area and make sure to turn it on so it can begin recording. Here’s how to set up and turn on the Video Cameras in Phasmophobia.

How to Set Up & Place the Camera in Phasmophobia

A player uses an EMF Reader in Phasmophobia


To start the game, at least one player should equip the Video Camera, though if the team has purchased more than one, it is good to bring as many as possible. Once a player picks one up from the truck for their starter kit, they will want to have their character hold it and use the right mouse button or the right trigger on a controller to turn it on. Players will know it has worked if the red light turns green. They need to be sure to turn it on first to avoid wasting time.

Next, players should take the camera and set it up in the corner of a room where it can get the best view of the largest area. This is where it may help to have multiple cameras, especially because multiple cameras can be used to more easily pinpoint the ghost’s room. Otherwise, players should wait until they have found the ghost’s room and then find a spot in that room where the camera can capture all or most of the space. Usually, this will be in the corner of the room or resting on a side table, but, if players have purchased a tripod, it can be any spot in the room.

Players can adjust the angle before setting the camera down by using the left mouse button. Once it’s angled the way they want, they can press F or the left trigger to set it down.

One teammate will need to stay behind in the truck to monitor the camera or cameras. It is also possible to cycle different teammates into this role as needed to preserve as much group sanity as possible once ghostly events start happening. The team will have a set amount of time at the start of the match to set everything up before the ghost becomes active. If they are on Amateur maps, they have five minutes, and if they are on Intermediate maps, they have two minutes. They won’t have any time between entering the building and the ghost becoming active on Professional maps.

Players should watch for the Ghost Orb, which can help them narrow down the kind of ghost they’re dealing with. Those teammates in the house can ask the ghost questions to get it to begin revealing itself. If the rest of the team brings EMF Readers, this can also help them start gathering evidence to identify the ghost.

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Phasmophobia is available for PC.

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