Kristianna Tackles Drug Addiction & Relapse


Kristianna Roth is facing the possibility of going back to jail on Love After Lockup after she left her halfway house and relapsed.

Kristianna Roth is facing re-imprisonment on Love After Lockup for leaving the halfway house she was ordered to stay at. After leaving the facility, Kristianna knows she’s in trouble. In an exclusive clip of Friday’s episode, her husband John Miller joins her mother and best friend to try to console an emotional Kristianna.

Kristianna is fresh out of prison on season three of Love After Lockup. She met John just three months before her prison release. The two fell hard for each other and moved fast at tying the knot after John surprised her with a traditional ceremony within his Native American heritage. While the two appear dedicated to their relationship, Kristianna still has some loose ends to handle due to her recent release. Her history with drug addiction played a part in why she landed in prison to begin with. But as she struggles with her sobriety, she is forced to stay in a halfway house filled with temptation.

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In a sneak peek clip of Friday’s episode, a distraught Kristianna arrives at her mother’s house upset over her own decisions. Kristianna is considered AWOL from the facility she was sent to following her prison release. Not only did she leave the facility, she also relapsed into her drug addiction. She becomes overcome with emotion while talking with John and her family for what could be the last time for a while. “I so badly want for you to be out,” her mother tells her. “No more prison time,” she adds. Kristianna and her mother hold each other and cry over the likely possibility that Kristianna will be sent back to jail for leaving the halfway house.

Did you just run into the wrong person at work?” her friend asks “I just got triggered,” Kristianna reveals. She then touches on the “bad influences” she encounters when staying inside the facility. “I don’t want to put my family through this anymore,” Kristianna tearfully says to the camera. All the while, John allows his wife to weep and mourn with her loved ones as he faces the reality of their separation. “John can save you,” her friend tells her. She then wipes her tears and tells the group, “I’ll probably go to jail and back to prison.”

During her confessional, Kristianna admits that she is stressed because she knows she has to turn herself in to the authorities. After just a short time out as a free woman, Kristianna is headed back to jail.

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