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The Mandalorian season 2 has arrived, here’s every piece of stunning concept art revealed by in the credits for the second season opener.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2 episode 1.

The Mandalorian has returned and the first episode of season 2 includes some stunning artwork over the credits. The season 2 opener of Disney+’s returning flagship show’s incredible ending is likely to generate considerable conversation, given its star attraction and the concept art adds a typically great additional final note.

The second season of The Mandalorian started with a bang with a return to Tatooine as Din Djarin sought out other Mandalorians to help his quest to return The Child to its own kind. The episode leaned hard on the gunslinger Western element of the show, effectively returning Mando to his gun-for-hire origins while introducing a huge Krayt dragon, Timothy Olyphant’s Marshall (and his familiar armor) and, of course, the final stinger of Boba Fett’s hugely exciting return (without his familiar armor).

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The final credits offered up a gallery of stylized concept art, including closer looks at the Krayt dragon and some of the episode’s explosive set-pieces. Here’s all 11 concept art pieces featured at the end of The Mandalorian season 2, episode 1, “The Marshall”.

The Krayt Dragon Attacks


A legendary creature from Star Wars lore, this is the first time a Krayt dragon has been seen in action outside of Star Wars games. There’s very much a Godzilla 1998 vibe to the design here.

An Uneasy Alliance Between Mos Pelgo And The Tusken Raiders

The alliance between the Tusken Raiders and Din makes Anakin’s slaughter of them a lot more brutal since they’re clearly not entirely unreasonable. Bantha’s do not get an easy ride in the season 2 opener.

Mos Pelgo

Tatooine’s newest town was previously mentioned in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne briefly. The artwork here confirms the same aesthetic to Mos Eisley’s architecture, just on a smaller scale.

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John Leguizamo’s Abyssin, Gor Koresh, Hangs Around With Mando

The Abyssin (played by Jon Favreau’s Chef co-star John Leguizamo) is the first step on Mando’s journey to Mos Pelgo, inevitably falling foul of the Mandalorian after attempting an ill-advised double-cross. The concept art appears to suggest a hairier version of the final character, with the more characteristic white iris (which was replaced with chestnut brown in the final version). His outfit is clearly more military as well, with a bandolier strapped across his chest. In the episode, Gor Koresh is dressed far more like a civilian.

The Marshall Clears Mos Pelgo Of Bandits

In the final episode, The Marshall’s destruction of the fleeing bandits happened outside the limits of Mos Pelgo (adding a more comedic element to the rocket attack), but in this design, it’s very much within the village itself.

The Tusken Raiders (And Their Pets)

When Din and Cobb Vanth first meet the Tusken Raiders, they’re first confronted by a pack of seemingly wild dog-like aliens.

Baby Yoda Meets A Womp Rat

Though sidelined for most of the episode, Baby Yoda did get the usual array of cute reaction shots. This shot didn’t make it into the final episode, but you’ve got to give the fans what they want, even when the episode doesn’t.

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The Tusken Raider Camp

It’s impressive how much the concept art nails the Star Wars feel even in a still.

The Mandalorian And The Tusken Raider

A simple but effective hero shot of Din and his unlikely Tusken allies.

Din Djarin Versus The Krayt Dragon

It can’t be an accident that an episode crowned by the return of Boba Fett includes a look at a Mandalorian emerging unscathed from the belly of a huge monster…

Boba Fett Returns

The other most famous Mandalorian in the Star Wars galaxy returns, with Temuera Morrison’s stunning episode ending cameo, minus his armor, of course. Could he be in self-imposed exile like Obi-Wan? Will he end up helping Din to return The Child? Or could he be an antagonist of this season?

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