What Happened to Christina After The Show


Married at First Sight reality star Christina ended things with Henry, and she decided to move on by moving away. This is what she’s been up to.

Married at First Sight couple Christina and Henry chose to not stay together. But after decision day, what happened to Christina?

When Christina and Henry first met, viewers had hoped the couple would be a good match. But during the wedding, Henry’s friends took an immediate dislike to Christina and that possibly should have been an indication that this relationship was doomed. Henry is a very quiet, reserved individual, whereas Christina is very confrontational. Fans could not understand why two people who were incredibly different were matched. While Christina seemed more outgoing and loud, Henry was more understated and shy. Christina also felt that Henry was not attracted to her as she said that any affection that was initiated came from her. Despite Henry telling Christina, he was attracted to her, his actions didn’t allow her to believe him. As their relationship continued to plummet and regress rather than develop Christina claimed she received a message from a person who claimed that Henry was gay. When Christina confronted Henry he was taken aback as were many fans of the show, who thought she was using it as a way to appear as the victim. Henry, however, called her out and began to list countless lies Christina told through the course of their marriage, one being her living situation as he began to believe her to have been ‘homeless’ before the show. Christina denied this but a pattern of lying began to emerge. Accusations were thrown back and forth between the two and it became apparent that they would not stay together. On decision day they parted ways.

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According to Soap Dirt, the female reality star went to Mexico and stayed there for some time. She may have gone up to relieve herself from the stress of the marriage and the divorce. However, it has been reported that she may have allegedly gotten plastic surgery as she appears different in photos. It appears that Christina has lost weight and straightened her teeth. They do say after a struggle one does flourish. This may be Christina revamping after the divorce with Henry.

Christina Married At First Sight


Although they chose to go their separate ways it is for the best as they were never suited to each other. Another couple that joined Henry and Christina on the divorce path was Brett Lindsey and Olivia Cornu whose marriage completely broke down when lockdown ensued. Brett left her while she visited the family and took all the food with him.

Viewers still have questions about things that went on behind the camera, and they are sure to find out more during the reunion episode.

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Source: Soap Dirt

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