What Happened to Miles & Karen After The Show


Married At First Sight stars Miles and Karen chose to stay married on decision day, but what became of them after? Are they still together?

When Miles and Karen first met on the experimental show Married At First Sight viewers were not sure about them. However, when decision day came, they decided to stay together – but what happened after?

Karen and Miles were one of the couples that struggled with their marriage. A particular point of contention in their relationship was the lack of intimacy both on a physical and emotional level. Miles admitted that he needed to feel affection in a relationship in order to feel happy and content, while Karen admitted that she is led by emotion to be physical. This inability to figure out where they both stood, frustrated them and viewers. Some viewers even thought that Karen got a bad edit from producers and that explained why it appeared like she was not attracted to Miles. Karen even admitted that the extra time they were given allowed their marriage to grow into a real relationship and felt that they only truly became a married couple a few weeks before decision day. It seems that the extension of the process is what solidified their decision to say yes to their marriage, something even Dr. Pepper Schwartz noted.

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After decision day, however, there have been rumors circulating that Miles and Karen are no longer together. But these allegations may be false as Karen and Miles were recently spotted in a restaurant according to Monsters and Critics. They were also spotted by New Orleans fans after filming running errands and doing groceries. So, it is evident the two may be together and they worked through the tough times they faced.

Married At First Sight Karen Miles


During the pandemic, Karen may have been stressed as she is a frontline worker which may have made it harder to focus on her marriage. Karen has spoken up however and refuted claims that she was cold towards Miles and says that when she would come from work, she would buy him snacks he liked. Karen also says that she learned more Thai massages to give Miles. It is obvious that she did try at making their marriage work otherwise neither of them would have chosen to stay together. Other couples that chose to stay together was fan-favorite Amani and Woody along with Amelia and Bennet.

The reunion for season 11 of Married At First Sight, is sure to be an interesting one as fans of the show will be able to catch up with Miles and Karen and other couples from the season.

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The Married at First Sight season 11 reunion aired Thursday.

Source: Monsters and Critics

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