What Happened to Olivia After The Show


Married At First Sight was not easy for Olivia. Her journey started on a positive note, but quickly went downhill and her and Brett divorced.

Olivia Cornu did not have the easiest time on Married At First Sight and the ending of her marriage must be one of the most devastating of the entire franchise. Filming is over so what has Olivia been up to?

When Olivia and Brett first met at the altar fans wouldn’t have guessed that they would end up divorced. In the beginning, they were already quite smitten with each other and attraction was not an issue as they both liked each other which is incredibly lucky especially on the Married At First Sight franchise. However, things took a downward turn when the two went on their honeymoon, and Brett was asked to rate their marriage he refused as he thought it was insensitive to rate their relationship. But when Olivia was asked, she rated the relationship based on her experience so far and Brett immediately became defensive and shut down. This was the beginning of the end for them. From this point on their communication was terrible. Especially when the money conversation came up. Brett made significantly less than Olivia something he mentioned one too many times. He felt that Olivia was too frivolous and didn’t understand the value of saving, whereas Olivia felt that Brett was frugal and was unwilling to let go and explore with her – something she hoped she would be able to do with her husband. Their differences were too much for them and Brett left Olivia while she was visiting her family, clearing the fridge and the cupboards of food while in a pandemic. Olivia was naturally heartbroken that her risk had not paid off.

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Now, however, the nurse practitioner has moved on and is happy and thriving. Although Brett reached out to her after he left her in the apartment reconciliation is not on the horizon as according to The Cinemaholic Brett has been spotted with a mystery woman in Florida without a wedding ring, so it’s safe to say they have 100% moved on. Olivia even claimed that Brett matched with a lot of her friends on Tinder and even saw some of the conversations. They were not meant for each other and Olivia admitted that she could have done more to show him intimacy and that they both made mistakes.

Brett Olivia Married At First Sight


During the reunion, Olivia said she felt Brett was not in the marriage for her at all and suggested he may have participated in the experiment for ulterior reasons. She went on to say that Brett never truly opened up to her and it was very “surface level.”

Married At First Sight is after all an experiment and sometimes they do not always go to plan it’s sad that Olivia did not get what she was looking for, but hopefully, she has learned something from her marriage with Brett.

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