Why Animal Crossing Fans Will Love Story Of Seasons Games


Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans might enjoy Story of Seasons for a chance to embark on a new and relaxing journey to a faraway town of their own.

With the cold months ahead, fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons might be looking to add another game to the list of ways to relax on a chilly evening. For fans of town management, or for gamers who enjoy the ability to build and customize a home, Story of Seasons may just be the perfect game to fill the gap. Both games fall into the genre of relaxing land management, where monsters are nowhere to be seen and making a profit is the day’s goal. While each title offers a slightly different approach to gameplay, each has similar aspects that may draw Animal Crossing players to pick up a copy.

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Looking at the similarities between the two games, Animal Crossing and Story of Seasons both offer a relaxing setting. Fans don’t have to worry about an HP bar, or something scary jumping out from behind a tree or boulder, as they set up their farm or begin clearing their island. Animal Crossing and Story of Seasons both focus on land management, as well as financial growth and investment. Animal Crossing sees this in the growth of the town as the player invests in better buildings or items to decorate common space. Story of Seasons similarly encourages investment in the buildings and upgrades for a player’s farm to increase productivity. Both games also have a ranking system that measures the improvements made on the farm or island.

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The difference between the two games primarily comes from the focus of the narrative. Animal Crossing is a town management simulator, and the focus is put on building a beautiful town for Villagers to move to and enjoy. Collecting furniture and clothing is weighted over the very simple farming of fruit trees and New Horizons’ recently added pumpkins. Story of Seasons focuses less on town building and more on the player’s personal farmstead. Farming and ranching are the goal, and raising healthy animals and high quality crops replaces the collection of furniture and decorative items. Story of Seasons also has a harder focus on building close relationships with NPCs, while Villagers come and go regularly in Animal Crossing.

Story of Seasons is A Great Option For Animal Crossing Fans

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While both games offer similar relaxing management gameplay, they also stand on their own in narrative and game mechanics. This is why Animal Crossing fans might enjoy picking up a copy of Animal Crossing: Friends of Mineral Town. Both games offer the chance to step away from daily stressors and kick back in a far away land where autonomy and personal choice create a unique experience while crafting and and expanding a home. Story of Seasons offers town builders a chance to try something new in a format that they already enjoy where peace and tranquility are key.

Finding the right relaxing game to wind down with at the end of the day can be a challenge when so many games have a fighting or combat element. Story of Seasons is worth giving a shot for any player who enjoys the strategy of running a town in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Whether it’s potatoes and cows on a family farm, or coconut trees and adorable furniture on the beach, both games extend the chance to slip away from life and enjoy a quiet adventure in a far-away land.

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