Why Each of the Top 5 in Big Brother 22 Deserves To Win This Season (& Why Each Deserves To Lose)


Big Brother 22, an All-Stars season, has been a rollercoaster. The top five left some fans disappointed, and others thrilled. Either way, each of these players has made great game moves as well as terrible mistakes. The houseguests entered the Big Brother House, to be welcomed by the beloved Julie Chen, back on August 5th.

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On October 8th, over two months later, Tyler, an incredible player, was shockingly evicted – even Julie told him: “I thought this was your year to win”. This left the top five, Christmas, Cody, Enzo, Nicole F., and Memphis, playing the game. Each has strengths that could take them all the way to the finish line, but each also has weaknesses that could cost them the game.

10 Christmas: Win

christmas big brother 22


Deck the halls, Christmas is in the house! It’s pretty obvious by looking at her that Christmas is a competition beast. In her original season, she actually broke her foot in the house and therefore was unable to participate in a lot of the challenges. Even injured, she was still a threat. This year, though, Christmas is in full swing and it is certainly impressive. She has won Head of Household once, Veto twice, and also won a secret power challenge, building up a strong resumé in the house.

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Christmas also showed her social game by becoming a member of multiple alliances and final two deals, allowing her to pretty much skate through most of the game without fear of eviction. Overall, Christmas has played a strong game mentally and physically. She hasn’t been resting back or floating, from the beginning she came in fighting and ready to make moves.

9 Cody: Win

New Jersey heartthrob Cody has never had a problem getting people to like him. He turns on his charm, and everyone pretty much melts like butter in the palm of his hand. Using this superpower, Cody has formed many close personal relationships in the house that seem to transcend the game. This is a great tactic to have and has kept him from ever being nominated from eviction this season.

Cody has been the root of a few alliances, one even being called “The Root”. This, combined with his ability to win competitions (he won Head of Household 3 times, and the Veto twice) has put him in a very good position to win the whole season.

8 Enzo: Win

enzo big brother 22

Enzo has played possibly the most interesting game of the season. He has proven himself by winning a few competitions: 2 Head of Households and 1 Veto. He has made powerful relationships, but not been a part of many alliances. His final two with Cody has been the thing really pulling him through in many ways, but Enzo has still managed somehow to not be a target to anyone else the whole season.

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In fact, Enzo still has never been put on the block. Cody and he are the only two players who can say that for themselves this season. This evasion of ever being nominated is incredibly impressive. That is a powerful argument for either of them.

7 Nicole F: Win

nicole f big brother 22

Nicole won Big Brother 18. Yes, won. Yet, she’s back for more. She actually has now broken the record for most days spent in the Big Brother house by anyone, ever. Nicole entered the house with that huge target on her back, however, she remains in the house. That alone is pretty impressive.

Furthermore, when the numbers started thinning out and it was down to the top 5, she won her first Head of Household competition as well as the Power of Veto that week – giving her total power. She took control exactly when she needed to, proving she is not just a floater in the house. Nicole has certainly shown herself to be worthy of winning this season, in which case she would become the first-ever two-time winner of Big Brother.

6 Memphis: Win

memphis big brother 22

Memphis played hard this season. Determined to not come in second again, he set up defenses left and right, front and center. He has been untouchable the entire season, not even seeing the block or coming close to it. Winning three Head of Household competitions, more than anyone else, and one veto, he has shown his ability to win the physical challenges as well as setting himself up socially.

Memphis was also the head of the snake that created “The Committee”, the biggest alliance this season. That group of 6 (Memphis, Christmas, Tyler, Nicole, Cody, and Dani) successfully held the power in the house week after week. Many of those players probably owe Memphis for making it as far as they did. It’s easy to argue why Memphis should win this season.

5 Christmas: Lose

christmas big brother 22

Christmas might be getting coal instead of presents this year because she has not exactly shown great sportsmanship during her time in the Big Brother house. Her social game has been shaky due to her big temper, which has made the other houseguests scared of her. She says that her pouting is more anger at herself, but clearly, she hasn’t been able to communicate that to her fellow players.

The internet has also slammed Christmas as racist, and not without reason. During her Head of Household reign, Christmas nominated the only two black women in the house, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne, for eviction. Bayleigh and Da’Vonne were not coming for Christmas and had not won any competitions, so it seemed like a strange choice for Christmas’s game. Next, she cried about it when Bayleigh came to talk to her, playing the victim even though she held the power. Christmas also made racially charged comments about being fearful that she would get “shot” or “cut” if she sent one of these women home. A blowup fight between her and Da’Vonne took things over the edge, with Christmas clapping in Da’Vonne’s face and Da’Vonne saying how she could not act how Christmas is acting during the fight as a black woman.

4 Cody: Lose

cody big brother 22

Oh, sweet Cody. There are many jokes made about his intellect, and how he may not be the brightest. His loyalty to Nicole just might cost him the game.

Which he has repeatedly said is what lost him the game his last go around. Cody is pretty much set to win the entire game, but was his social game smart or ruthless enough to get him there?

3 Enzo: Lose

Enzo has had some weird missteps this season that potentially show a not-so-well thought out game on his part. He betrayed Tyler and Christmas in a vote when he had promised to vote Nicole out and instead chose David which exposed Tyler and Christmas as a duo.

He admitted later that he regrets this, showing that he is not thinking through his moves as much as a winner probably should.

2 Nicole F: Lose

First of all, Nicole already won. Should she really win a second time? This would put her total Big Brother winnings at over 1 million dollars. Besides that, Nicole won zero competitions until the final five. It’s great that she finally stepped up, but she floated the entire rest of the game both socially and physically.

Nicole was not the mastermind behind any plans or schemes, she seemed to not even be playing Big Brother until the very end. While she’s managed to survive this long, her gameplay this season just doesn’t scream winner.

1 Memphis: Lose

Should we start with the confederate flag hat that Memphis wears in his confessionals? Furthermore, when Memphis chose to create “The Committee” group of 6, he chose all white, blonde alliance members – it has been called on social media “The KKKommittee”.

He consistently and exclusively targeted women and players of color. He also often talked down to David, a black man in the house, in a way that made everyone uncomfortable. These things certainly put into question whether Memphis would deserve to win the season.

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