Will Watch Dogs: Legion Overheat Your Xbox One X


Multiple reports suggest Watch Dogs: Legion is overheating players’ Xbox One X consoles. However, the issue may be fixed just in time for release.

Now that Watch Dogs: Legion has officially released, many people are getting to play it for the first time. However, the new Ubisoft game has faced some reported overheating issues, especially on the Xbox One X. Many players are anxious about trying Watch Dogs: Legion on their own Xbox One X consoles, but a new hotfix aims to correct the problem.

Most of the reviews for Watch Dogs: Legion have been positive, with critics praising its open-world gameplay and NPC recruiting mechanics. In the game, players can control just about anyone, as each NPC comes with their own specialties that make them feel somewhat unique. Legion will also have multiplayer, although that’s expected to come in the near future.

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Some users, like Keza MacDonald from The Guardian, were granted early access to Watch Dogs: Legion and began reporting overheating issues on Xbox One X. Soon, it became common enough of a problem to signal it was an issue with the game itself – and not anyone’s console in particular. The overheating problem caused the console to completely shut down, and players were unable to continue their progress in the game. It’s the kind of problem that can hurt sales and developer reputations, which is why Ubisoft has been so quick to respond to the Watch Dogs: Legion issue. Still, some Xbox One X owners may be hesitant to play the game just yet.

How Ubisoft Is Fixing Watch Dogs: Legion Overheating Issues


Ubisoft is well-aware of the overheating problems on the Xbox One X. Because of this, the company was quick to respond with a hotfix on launch day that should fix the issue. The hotfix became available shortly before most of the public had access to Watch Dogs: Legion. That means most Xbox One X owners shouldn’t have to worry about their consoles overheating now.

To ensure overheating isn’t a problem, people who own Watch Dogs: Legion for the Xbox One X will want to make sure they have the latest version of the game. This is just an extra precaution to make sure the game doesn’t overheat and crash when they’re playing it. The hotfix from Ubisoft should correct the issue completely. For now, it appears overheating is only an issue on the Xbox One X, so people playing Watch Dogs: Legion on other consoles shouldn’t have to worry.

It seems like all overheating issues concerning Watch Dogs: Legion have been fixed at this time. This means anyone playing it on the Xbox One X should be able to enjoy the game without having to worry about the game causing their console to overheat.

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