Wolverine & Storm May Be Getting Back Together


On the eve of their X of Swords duels, romance may be blossoming between the X-Men’s Wolverine and Storm – but is it really a good idea?

Marvel Comics is teasing that the X-Men‘s Wolverine and Storm may be getting back together. The X-Men books have often been described as superhero soap operas, and even Cyclops has been known to admit the superhero team can be a little incestuous. It’s pretty much impossible to keep track of just who has hooked up with whom in the past.

There have long been sparks between Storm and Wolverine. Logan has always sought to prove himself more than just an animal, and the transcendent beauty and majesty of Storm is deeply attractive to him. For her part, Storm may considered a goddess, but there’s a wild side to her nature that she quite enjoys indulging on occasion. The two finally got together during Jason Aaron’s Wolverine & the X-Men run, and they had some good times together, but the romance came to an abrupt end when Wolverine died. He’s back now, and they’ve shown no signs of hooking back up.

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Until now. Marvel Comics has just released a preview advertising Wolverine #7, by Benjamin Percy, Gerry Duggan, and Joshua Cassara. It’s just a single panel, but frankly a picture speaks a thousand words.

Wolverine and Storm X-Men Swords Teaser


The current “X of Swords” event has a spectacular scale, with all reality itself at stake, but so far the story has been impressively character-driven. Storm promises to be a major figure, and her mysterious character arc has already seen her steal Wakanda’s greatest secret, bringing a painful end to her relationship with Black Panther. Now it looks as though she may well pick things up with Wolverine, symbolically accepting her identity is now found only on Krakoa. Of course, the curious question is just how relationships work on Krakoa; Wolverine is already in a polyamorous relationship with Jean Grey and Cyclops, so there’s no reason to imagine these two are exclusive.

But what does this mean in narrative terms? Wolverine has never had much luck with the ladies, and in fact most of his greatest loves have wound up dead. It’s hard not to see this hint of romance as a way of raising the emotional stakes ahead of a major plot twist, one that transforms Storm forever. The X-Men are waging war against the Swordbearers of Krakoa in a mystical realm known as Otherworld, the nexus of all realities. Storm is as much a goddess as she is a mutant, and it’s entirely possible the experience will transform her forever. The X-Men‘s latest romance may prove both brief and ill-fated.

Wolverine #7 is on sale November 11, 2020.

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