Adventure Time’s Finn Invites Trick Or Treaters To Animal Crossing Island


Cartoon Network has its own Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, and it features Finn from Adventure Time and other Cartoon Network characters.

While quarantine may be keeping trick or treaters indoors this year, Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can visit Adventure Time‘s Finn on the official Cartoon Network island for some virtual Halloween fun. Players may not be able to hang out with their friends or family this spooky season, but they can chill with some of Cartoon Network’s most iconic characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to visit other players’ islands freely via Dream Codes. This lets players open their island to the public without fear of players chopping down their trees, stealing their fruit, or causing other forms of havoc. Some of the best Animal Crossing designers have opened their islands to show off their decorative abilities, while brands and political figures have built islands to advertise their platform. Recently, presidential candidate Joe Biden opened his own island, Biden HQ, which encourages younger voters to cast their vote in this year’s election.

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Cartoon Network announced via Twitter its very own Animal Crossing: New Horizons island called CN Island, where the network encourages players to come and trick or treat with Finn from Adventure Time and Steven from Steven Universe. Players can visit CN Island by sleeping in their beds and entering the island’s dream code DA-1304-8404-3554. Players will be greeted by the main villager, Finn, and can tour the many Cartoon Network themed areas. Finn’s house is one of the main attractions, which features a Finn & Jake treehouse living room, their treasure room, Ice King’s dungeon, and Princess Bubblegum’s laboratory.

Other Cartoon Network characters inhabit the island as well, including Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans. Outside of the Adventure Time house, there is a Steven Universe themed boardwalk. Players can also download custom clothing designs including the Cartoon Network t-shirt, Pure Heart hat, Big Donut shirt, and We Bare Bears hoodie. Outside of these few attractions, there isn’t much to the Cartoon Network island, but it can be a unique way to kill a few minutes of spare time during an otherwise dull Halloween.

These branded islands are a pretty cool experience, and they feel more special than if a fan had created an Adventure Time island. While there are plenty of talented Animal Crossing: New Horizons designers, having Cartoon Network produce its own island feels as if the player is actually visiting those characters. Players who don’t have plans this Halloween can hop on over to CN Island and enjoy some quality time with Finn, Steven, and the Teen Titans.

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