Daniel Craig Pays Tribute to Original James Bond Sean Connery


Daniel Craig, who currently plays James Bond, pays tribute to the original 007, Sean Connery, following his recent passing at age 90.

Daniel Craig paid tribute to the original James Bond, Sean Connery in a statement after the actor passed away at age 90. Connery was the one of the first men to play 007 on the screen, beginning in 1962 with Dr. No. Connery went on to play the espionage icon five more times in what many say are the best films of the franchise. Widely considered to be the best Bond of all time, Connery’s loss comes as fans await the release of the latest Bond film, No Time to Die.

Craig is currently at the end of his tenure as Bond with five films under his belt. Craig is widely cited as being right up there with Connery as one of the greatest actors to play Bond. His films have brought new acclaim to the franchise, as well as massive box office success. The last film of Craig’s tenure, No Time to Die, has faced multiple delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is now slated for release on Easter weekend in 2021.

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In a statement posted to the official James Bond Twitter account, Craig lamented the passing of Connery. He also acknowledged what a great loss it is, not only for Bond fans, but for the cinematic community as a whole. Craig cites his influence on cinema and the franchise as sources of inspiration that will continue on long after his passing. Connery’s passing happened overnight. The actor was ninety.

Connery’s passing is particular upsetting to fans of the James Bond franchise. It is likely that without his iconic take on the character, the franchise would not exist as it does today. He is widely cited as the best James Bond of all time, with Craig coming in at a close second. Similarly, Craig’s impact on the franchise is just as huge as Connery’s. While Connery brought the character to life, cementing his role as cinema’s greatest spy, Craig revived the franchise in the early 2000s following Pierce Brosnan’s run.

Craig and Connery’s similarities don’t end with just the role of James Bond, though. It is widely reported that they both had qualms about playing the character. Additionally, they both were unconventional choices for the role that ended up producing some of the greatest Bond movies. Connery was questioned as to whether or not he was right for the role because of his real life persona, while many James Bond fans saw Craig as ill-suited for the role, mostly because of his blonde hair. However, both actors turned into two of the greatest Bonds of all time, with Connery’s legacy cemented as one of cinema’s greats.

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