Genshin Impact Graphics & Load Times Will Be Improved On PS5


Genshin Impact will be available on the PS5 through backwards compatibility and will see improved graphics and load times when Update 1.1 is released.

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo has revealed that the game will feature improved graphics and better load times on the PlayStation 5. The hit RPG, which was released globally in September, has quickly become one of the most successful games of the year, making $245 million in mobile sales alone within its first month of release in spite being a free-to-play title.

Many attribute the game’s financial success to the game’s gacha system, wherein players use an in-game item called a Wish to summon a random character or weapon. Wishes can be purchased via in-game currency that can either be collected through quests and achievements or purchased with real money. The random, loot box-like, nature of using Wishes leads many to spend real money to quickly obtain more of the in-game currency for more chances of getting the character or weapon they want.

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With the PS5 so close to its November release date, miHoYo finally gave a few details on what’s next for Genshin Impact for the next-generation console. According to a report by IGN, Genshin Impact will not only be playable on the PS5 via backwards compatibility, but it will also have its graphics and load times improved, which can be attributed to the next-generation console’s superior hardware. Genshin Impact is one of the many PS4 titles that will be compatible with the PS5 through backwards compatibility, with many titles getting updates to improve not only visuals but also load times when played on the PS5. 

Genshin Impact’s compatibility with the PS5 will come with the game’s upcoming and highly anticipated 1.1 update, which will bring with it a slew of new content and changes to the game’s mechanics. Update 1.1 is set to introduce four new playable characters, including two new 5-star party members; several new quests and questlines, including the conclusion of the Liyue chapter; a reputation system for each of the game’s currently available regions; new items, including a portable waypoint and stove; and more.

It’s amazing how successful and popular Genshin Impact has quickly become since its recent release. And with miHoYo regularly releasing minor updates to improve the game as well as continuously adding new content and features to further enrich the gaming experience, its popularity may just keep growing. It’ll be interesting to see how well the game runs on the PS5 considering that it already looks and runs pretty well on the PS4.

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Source: IGN


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