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While the worlds of Mad Men and Disney couldn’t be further apart, there are distinct similarities within the personalities of the characters which inhabit them. Sure, there aren’t any Disney characters smoking and drinking consistently as they try to build their way up the advertising empire, but the way they behave is similar to certain Disney characters.

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Mad Men is a very character-driven show, with a lot of dialogue and focus on how they are as people. Each character has got very distinct traits because of that, which is why it is easy to see who their counterparts might be within the animated world of Disney.

10 Roger Sterling – Timon

Roger - Timon


While they like to have fun in slightly different ways (Rodger with alcohol and Timon with bugs and dancing), that is a major trait that both Roger Sterling and Timon share. It’s fairly unclear as to what Roger actually does in Mad Men, with his main goal being to charm other people as much as possible.

He does that because he’s a great communicator who can be quite persuasive when he wants to be and that is very similar to Timon. The Lion King character does a great job of looking after Simba and helping him to flourish into a great character, which is a similar way to how Roger takes Don under his wing.

9 Joan Holloway – Mulan

Mad Men - Disney

Joan Holloway is a character that is willing to do whatever it takes to be a success within the advertising industry, and at the start of the show, she is the only female within a male-dominated industry. However, Joan doesn’t let that bother her and she stamps her authority on the show with a purpose.

For Disney, one of the most powerful and strong female characters is Mulan. Just like Joan, she’s involved in a very male-dominated situation, to the point where she has to pretend to be one. However, her skill and personality shine through to be accepted as she thrives within that world.

8 Lane Pryce – Jiminy Cricket

Lane - Jiminy

Lane Pryce has one of the most emotional storylines throughout Mad Men, but up until that point, he is one of the most sensible characters on the show. Everything he does is with thought and logic, and he helps to control the business with the way he analyzes things.

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That is what makes him the ideal counterpart to Jiminy Cricket. He is also a very sensible character and one that is constantly providing advice and trying to look at situations in a logical manner if he can do.

7 Peggy Olson – Alice

Peggy - Alice

Peggy Olson is certainly one of the most popular characters within Mad Men, mainly because audiences get to follow her journey of personal and professional growth during the show. Starting out as quite a timid and quiet character, by the end of the series, Peggy is incredibly confident within herself.

That journey of maturity is something that Alice goes through when she enters Wonderland. At the start, every different character she encounters brings new problems, and Alice struggles emotionally with the entire situation. However, by the time she bumps into the Queen Of Hearts, Alice has enough self-belief to stand up to her.

6 Sally Draper – Boo

Sally - Boo

Much like Peggy, Sally Draper is someone fans get to see grow, going from a very young girl to being a confident, sassy teenager. She’s one of the most exciting characters within the series and someone who isn’t shy about letting people know what she thinks of them.

Sally is full of sass, especially as she grows up and that leads her to put people in their place plenty of times. While Boo doesn’t exactly do that, she is another character who has absolutely no fear, even when she’s in a world surrounded by monsters.

5 Pete Campbell – Smee

Pete - Smee

Pete Campbell is quite a complicated character in the sense that he is easy to hate, and also loveable at times instead. At the start, Pete is a very sly, detestable person who is very hurtful in the way he treats others, yet as the show goes on, he begins to show a softer side to himself.

Pete is hardworking and always tries his best to get the job done, and that is where he’s comparable to Smee. He is also both loveable and easy to hate due to the fact he’s technically a villain. However, Smee is funny and charming at the same time, which gives audiences a reason to like him.

4 Betty Draper – Lady Tremaine

Betty - Lady Tremaine

Even though Betty Draper is not a stepmother to any of her three children, being their actual mother, that doesn’t make her a great mom. Betty can be very petty, childish, and unforgiving and she often takes out her issues on all of her children first.

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This is what Lady Tremaine is like as a mother, treating Cinderella with nothing but contempt, giving her no patience, instead, being very cruel. The two of them work as good counterparts because they like to be in positions of power and to be looked after, yet they’re not always ready to work for it.

3 Ken Cosgrove – Remy

Ken - Remy

Ken Cosgrove is one of the very few characters within Mad Men who is genuinely a nice person. Most of the characters in this cut-throat industry are incredibly selfish and are happy to screw over anybody in order to further things for themselves.

However, Ken is just happy to work hard and try and support his family as best as possible. Remy is similar in that sense. He doesn’t force his way into being a chef or blackmail anybody, and instead, he just proves himself by being nice and kind to others.

2 Bert Cooper – Gramma Tala

Bert - Tala

Bert Cooper is quite a unique character and while he is in charge of the agency and because he’s in such a great position, he has been able to see a lot of situations play out. He’s incredibly wise and gives a lot of advice to as many people as possible.

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However, while he’s very smart he is also quite eccentric, from the fact he won’t wear shoes to his little dances. This is why Gramma Tala is his counterpart in Disney. She gives Moana some amazing advice, yet she is also very over the top, with the village thinking she’s a little crazy.

1 Don Draper – Owl

Don - Owl

Don Draper is the lead character of Mad Men and someone who loves to talk. It is clear throughout the series that he is happy to give a lot of advice with communication being his strongest point. He loves to tell a story and while sometimes he can ramble on, it usually leads to a moral point in the end.

This is why he feels very similar to Owl, who is also a character that loves to speak as much as possible. He is always trying to tell stories to the rest of the Winnie the Pooh characters, and eventually, he does get to a point, being one of the wisest characters around.

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