Monster Hunter Rise Video Shows Off Great Sword Gameplay


A new Great Sword combat trailer has been released for Monster Hunter Rise, showing fans what they can expect when hunting with their Palamute.

A new gameplay trailer has been released for Monster Hunter Rise, showing off gameplay with a Great Sword. The upcoming game will serve as a successor to Monster Hunter World, which is widely considered one of the best games in the series. It made massive alterations to its gameplay, making it the most accessible Monster Hunter game for newcomers, and Capcom’s efforts payed off handsomely; World is the developer’s best-selling game of all time by a wide margin.

In order to bring Monster Hunter Rise out from under its predecessor’s illustrious shadow, Capcom is introducing a host of delightful new gameplay features. The most prominent is obviously the Palamute, an adorable dog companion that will aid hunters in battle. The canine can battle monsters or serve as a mount; players can even ride the dog up vertical, vine-covered surfaces. Another addition is the Wirebug, an insectoid tool that allows hunters to grapple to distant ledges. This inclusion should serve to introduce a new layer of verticality to the hunting process.

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A recent gameplay trailer, published by the Monster Hunter YouTube page, shows these new features in action, along with some hunter combat with a trusty Great Sword. The trailer opens with some traversal footage, giving fans a feel for how the Wirebug and Palamute will function in the field. A lot of Palamute functionality was shown, including the ability to use items and sharpen weapons while on dogback. The video also showed off endemic life, small creatures that will bestow stat boosts when found in the field. Combat breaks out before too long, though, pitting the hunter against Aksonom, a strange new bird creature. In battle, the Great Sword functions as one would expect, delivering slow, heavy, and powerful blows. The Wirebug is integrated very smoothly into combat, though; the hunter uses it to cover ground quickly, leap out of the way of attacks, and even set up a powerful plunging attack with the Great Sword. Apparently special Wirebug-assisted moves will be available to all weapons in the game.

The Wirebug should go a long way toward making Monster Hunter combat more fast-paced, and it is of course exciting to see the Palamute helping out. Capcom is so proud of its canine companion that it has created a brand new Amiibo for the creature, alongside the new game’s flagship monster Magnamalo and the series’ mainstay Palico allies. Series fans should be excited at the opportunity to adorn their shelves with these stalwart allies, and to sling their wirebugs around when the game comes out.

Monster Hunter World is a tough act to follow, but Rise has a lot going for it. The combat in this latest trailer is just as pulse-pounding as fans expect, but the new additions should open up a lot of new opportunities to explore as players take down bigger and bigger beasts. Even if Monster Hunter Rise isn’t as massive a success as its forebear, it should still offer hours of enjoyment to dedicated hunters.

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