Nighwing’s Own Wings Have Returned To DC Comics


Detective Comics #1029 brings back one of Nightwing’s most iconic gadgets and it’s one that will let Dick Grayson spread his wings again.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Detective Comics #1029

In the recent issue of Detective Comics, Bruce Wayne was left without his Bat-gear to defend the hapless guests of a private yacht party happening out in Gotham harbor. While doing his best to discreetly eliminate the armed goons swarming the ship, Batman was in for a double whammy surprise as Nightwing would literally swoop in to save the day. But how did Nightwing reach the yacht while it was already out in the water? He brought back an old staple of his – his trusty rocket-powered hang glider, aptly titled The Wing.

Nightwing, the alter ego of the original Robin Dick Grayson has been known to keep his crime-fighting tools practical and effective. While he does boast a similar arsenal to his old Bat-Boss, such as his own version of Batarangs and grappling hook, Dick eschewed the need for his own “Nightwing-mobile” for a simpler, more nimble motorcycle. Considering that he’s mostly worked the streets of Bludhaven as opposed to Gotham, it made sense for Nightwing to develop and utilize his own custom crime-fighting tools. Besides his familiar twin batons, Nightwing also his own version of the Batwing. The Wing was a rocket powered han glider that allowed Nightwing to cross vast distances and get more of aerial advantage on his villains.

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While the Batman himself has known to sport his own hang glider from time to time, it was Nightwing who regularly used the power of gliding to traverse his city. Even with versions of Nightwing existing outside of the comics, the character has often used gliding as his own unique form of traveling. One of the most familiar can be found in Batman: The Animated Series, where the introduction of Nightwing also introduced the hidden glider wings Grayson could unfold from the sides of his costume.


What’s particularly interesting about Grayson’s use of gliders, and, to a larger degree, his lesser reliance on gadgets and tech, is how he more utilizes his honed agility, his acrobatic abilities, and his near limitless stamina when it comes to traveling through his own urban jungle. But then, having grown up as a trapeze artist, and later raised as the first Robin, Dick Grayson has always incorporated his natural gracefulness into his crime fighting. Less inclined to utilize the larger, more ostentatious arsenal or vehicles used by his old mentor, Grayson strikes out on his own with something that’s sleek, yet still has the Bat-Gadgetry from his life as Robin.

It’s great to see an old staple of Nightwing‘s Bludhaven vehicles make an appearance in the latest Bat-Adventure. While it’s not as big or as bold as, say, the Batwing, it’s still a fun moment to see Dick got to break out the ol’ “Night Wings” once again.

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