Some Fans Accuse Clare Crawley Of Being The Villain


Apart from being the oldest. Clare Crawley is also becoming an easy Bachelorette to criticize. Here’s why fans think she’s not doing a great job.

Step aside, Yosef. While The Bachelorette’s Clare Crawley did find true love with Dale Moss on screen, she seems to have failed in making the fans fall for her. Season 16 of the reality show has been truly iconic as promised, what with the looming pandemic problem and its lead lady quitting in two weeks. But in spite of the real reason for Clare leaving still being kept under wraps, she’s still finding hate-filled messages in her inbox. The Bachelorette fans are calling Clare out over multiple instances on and off the show and declaring her “the villain” of her own season.

I love you, queen, don’t listen to the haters,” reads a message on Clare’s latest Instagram post where the comments have been limited. For those Bachelorette fans who don’t let spoilers ruin the season for them, Clare’s untimely exit created a lot of confusion. “The oldest Bachelorette” in 20 years, Clare giving her final rose, and heart away within just four episodes created an internet storm. Perhaps it was Clare having called out Matt James, a contestant from her season and the next Bachelor over his Cameo appearances even before the show began, or her playing strip-dodgeball with the men on her show, the 39-year-old gave critics plenty of opportunities to hate her. The “double standards” accusations towards the Bachelorette seem to have sky-rocketed since she presented herself the group date rose after the men roasted her “fiancé.” And while Clare is trying her best to back the haters off by “helping them heal,” Twitter has taken to comparing her with Yosef Aborady, who’d been crowned the villain after being plastered with TikTok accusations and calling The Bacheloretteclassless.”

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A viral tweet by The Bachelorette fan and user @inu_tenneti17 places pictures of Yosef and Clare side by side and notes, “Who we thought was going to be the villain vs who actually was the villain.” So far, the tweet has garnered over 2.7k likes and over 200 retweets with messages of agreement. A user shared how Clare is “becoming less likable every segment” and another added, “I thought I was the only one feeling this. I seriously have cringed so many times.” The ABC fan notes how being over 35 themselves, they were rooting for Clare to have a more mature approach to Bachelor Nation, but she’s left them feeling “surprised and disappointed” instead. Some fans think that Yosef was “completely right” and that Clare was way “outta line” and only wants Dale so she should just leave with him. While this prediction might just turn true in the case of season 16, there are some viewers who still seem to support Clare.

Nah Yosef is still a villain. If he kept to the beginning part of his talk then he had valid and appropriate points but then he took it too far,” wrote a The Bachelorette viewer, and a reply to it accused Yosef of having “real anger issues and he took it out on Clare.” And on the other hand, there is a fan who thinksthey’re both trash.”

With Tayshia Adams possibly splashing her way into the season after having stepped out of a pool in the teaser for next week, will the hate directed towards Clare get any lesser? While some may say that the editors and producers are at fault for manipulating her narrative, being a reality star on one of the most-watched shows does come with its drawbacks. Wonder if Clare still believes in the words she uttered on The Bachelorette, “You can’t hate on love” after seeing the colorful criticism which looks like it will never stop.

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The Bachelorette season 16 airs Tuesdays (Shifted to Thursday next week for election night) at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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