The Last Amazons Revealed in DC’s Future State


Come January, DC will bring readers Future State, and Wonder Woman artist Jen Bartel just gave a tease of new Amazons to expect.

Fans of DC Comics are waiting in eager anticipation for the release of the line-wide event Future State, which is coming in January 2021. Future State aims to show various possible DC futures, encompassing future versions of both well-established and new heroes. Amongst the lineup of included titles are the Immortal Wonder Woman comics. What’s especially exciting is that this means fans will not only be getting a look into Diana Prince’s future, but will also get to meet, and re-meet, more of her Amazon sisters.

It is well established that Diana is not the only Amazon, and even that the Amazons of Themyscira are not the only tribe of the godly warriors. Still, it’s always exciting for fans to be introduced to new iterations of them and different women who hold the title of Wonder Woman. One “new” character to hold the title is Nubia, Diana’s sister who was first introduced in the 70s and is set to make her reappearance in the upcoming storyline. She will not be the only one to make her modern debut, and fans have finally been given a glimpse into more of the Amazons they’ll be getting to meet come January.

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Artist Jen Bartel will be making her DC interior art debut come January with the Future State event. She shared with her fans on twitter a preview image of The Last Amazons coming to Immortal Wonder Woman in January.  Of course, first and foremost, is the Goddess of Truth herself, Diana Prince. It seems in the future storyline she will be donning Batman’s utility belt and Green Lantern’s ring, as well as strip of gray hair, most likely included in her character design to show the passage of time.

But she isn’t alone. There are six other Amazons that stand with her. They are diverse, they are unique, and they are fierce. There is no doubt that these women will be just as formidable as Wonder Woman herself and it will be exciting to see how their characters play into the overarching story that will be told over Future State’s two month stint.

So far it’s only been confirmed that two of the new Amazons set to be featured in the upcoming event will bear the name of Wonder Woman (Nubia and Yara Flor), but regardless of title, they are sure to be fervid warriors. How they will all come together and connect in the storyline is yet to be told. Patience will be key for fans waiting anxiously for the release of this highly anticipated event, but luckily for them, creators have been happy to release previews of what’s to come. They continue to build excitement, and with it, the character (and fan) base upon which these stories will rest their shoulders. Additionally, the reveal of these new characters further emphasizes that no matter how powerful the Immortal Wonder Woman is, she is stronger when she is not alone.

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