Watch Dogs 2’s Marcus Voice Actor Says He’d Love To Return For Legion


Ruffin Prentiss, Marcus Holloway’s voice actor in Watch Dogs 2, says he would love to reappear as the character as part of DLC for Watch Dogs: Legion.

The lead voice actor of Watch Dogs 2, Ruffin Prentiss, has revealed that Ubisoft has not asked him to reprise his role of Marcus Holloway in Watch Dogs: Legion, but he would love to return to the series at some point. Ubisoft recently announced that original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce would be making an appearance in Watch Dogs: Legion, but there has been no mention of Marcus. It is unclear if Ubisoft plans to add Marcus in at some point in the future

Just a month before Watch Dogs: Legion released, details came out showing what players could expect from the season pass. As a part of this season pass, players will receive Watch Dogs: Legion‘s Bloodlines DLC that comes with four playable characters. These characters include new character Mina, a member of the Assassin’s Order from Assassin’s Creed named Darcy, Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, as well as Aiden Pearce. Ubisoft has not stated if it will continue to introduce new characters as DLC is added to the game, but it would make sense for more characters to come with additional story content.

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During an interview with IGN, Marcus Holloway’s voice actor Ruffin Prentiss stated that he has not been asked by Ubisoft to reprise his role yet. He goes on to say that Watch Dogs 2 is by far one of his favorite projects that he has ever worked on, so he would jump at any chance to work with Ubisoft again. If Ubisoft hasn’t been in contact, then that means that Marcus likely won’t be appearing in Watch Dogs: Legion anytime in the near future.


This isn’t to say that Prentiss is upset that Ubisoft decided to add Marcus’ friend and Watch Dogs 2 secondary character Wrench. Instead, Prentiss says he’s really happy that the company decided to tap Wrench’s voice actor Shawn Baichoo for the sequel. Prentiss believes that Baichoo worked very hard to earn the love and respect of fans, so he therefore earned his place in Legion as well. Still though, Prentiss says he is hopeful that he will be contacted in the future.

Its usually pretty exciting when a series decides to bring back an old character that players haven’t seen in awhile, but many fans are still confused as to why Ubisoft decided to bring back Aiden Pearce over Marcus Holloway. Many players and critics hated Pearce, and felt that Marcus was the much stronger character overall. Hopefully, Watch Dogs: Legion allows Ruffin Prentiss to return to his favorite role at some point.

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Watch Dogs: Legion can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and will also come out on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X on their respective release dates.

Source: IGN

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