Baby Yoda Returns To SNL (And Explains Why He’s Green)


Baby Yoda returns to Saturday Night Live to celebrate the return of The Mandalorian and explains the truth about his iconic green skin.

Baby Yoda returned to Saturday Night Live for a second time this week and explained the truth about his iconic green skin complexion. Portrayed by cast member Kyle Mooney, the beloved Disney character first appeared during the Weekend Update segment in December 2019 to promote The Mandalorian, and in a new three-minute bit, Baby Yoda discussed COVID-19, social media, and his on-going feud with a popular MCU character.

Comedian John Mulaney hosted the fifth episode of Saturday Night Live season 46, with The Strokes taking the stage as the featured musical guest. Jim Carrey once more reprised his role as Joe Biden ahead of the looming U.S. Presidential election, applying his manic Mister Rogers comedic approach while speaking to audiences in a solo cold open performance that riffed on Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. Overall, the episode included lots of provocative humor, most notably during a Sleepy Hollow bit that centers on the Headless Horseman being questioned about auto-fellatio. There was even a sexually suggestive joke during the Baby Yoda segment, albeit a small one that linked to the comedic premise.

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Baby Yoda’s latest Saturday Night Live appearance began with his declaration that “I’m baaaccckkk!” and Mooney adopting the same comedic premise for the bit, portraying The Mandalorian character as a street-smart, SoCal type who enjoys the perks of fame. Baby Yoda explained that he’s been quarantining with Wreck-It Ralph during the COVID-19 pandemic, and notes that The Mandalorian writers are “mad awkward” to be around, despite having some “fuego” ideas. After “The Child” brought up his new cannabis line – as debuted on an appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast – Weekend Update co-host Michael Che questioned whether or not his Disney guest actually smokes marijuana, prompting Baby Yoda to say, “Hey, how you think I got so green?” The segment then ended with Baby Yoda using his “platform” to fuel a feud with the Marvel character Baby Groot, who was also called out during The Mandalorian character’s first Saturday Night Live appearance in December 2019.

Kyle Mooney as Baby Yoda in Saturday Night Live


Baby Yoda’s Weekend Update persona thematically aligns with numerous characters portrayed by Mooney in the past. As a native of San Diego, the Saturday Night Live performer has a knack for capturing the personality traits of Southern California slacker and skater types, or adult men who prioritize masculine bravado over a more genuine appearance. For a Baby Yoda comedy prototype, look no further than Mooney’s “Inside SoCal” segments from several years ago, in which his character Todd has awkward conversations with San Diego locals and muses about whether or not art is “gangster.” With Baby Yoda, Mooney takes a more aggressive approach with his Todd-style comedy, as evidenced by a joke from the most recent appearance in which The Mandalorian character reveals that he receives social media messages that are “sexual in nature.”

Saturday Night Live often uses marijuana-themed jokes during Weekend Update, seemingly as a way to connect with millennial viewers. In past years, the majority of Pete Davidson’s guest commentaries have involved weed humor, and now Mooney’s ironic spin on Baby Yoda similarly involves the character being a cannabis enthusiast. The millenial-targeted jokes do indeed complement the news parody premise but have also become painfully predictable. Fortunately for Saturday Night Live, Disney’s Friday release schedule for new episodes of The Mandalorian will make future Baby Yoda appearances culturally relevant for the next several weeks.

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