House Of Ashes Revealed In Post-Credits Scene


The credits for the recently released The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope reveal a sneak peek at the next installment in the horror franchise.


The trailer for the third game in The Dark Pictures Anthology has been discovered hidden in the ending of the recent second installment, Little Hope. Starting with 2019’s Man of MedanThe Dark Pictures Anthology is an eight-part follow-up of sorts to the developers at Supermassive Games’ work on Until Dawn. Not connected narratively, each of the eight planned games in the series in the series explores different horror themes and genres. In-game, each title represents an unfinished story presented to the player by an ever-present host called The Curator. The player’s choices affect the ultimate outcome of the story and the fate of its characters, with plenty of opportunities for everything to go horribly wrong.

The recently released Little Hope begins to show just how different each chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology will be. While Man of Medan was a straightforward tale set in the modern-day, Little Hope takes players through multiple timelines and scores of characters, with effects from one time affecting the other directly. As far as gameplay goes, Supermassive Games listened to fan feedback by removing the tank controls in this new entry, lowering the difficulty of the quick-time events, and making characters walk through environments faster.

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As was the case with the first game, beating Little Hope reveals a teaser trailer (uploaded by RabidRetrospectGames) for the next game in the series at the end of the credits. Dubbed House of Ashes, the trailer shows military helicopters moving across a rocky canyon. Soldiers discuss a demon that has been attacking recently, and viewers get a brief shot at a statue that fits the bill. The statue is discovered by what appears to be the main character of the piece, portrayed by child actress and singer Ashley Tisdale. The game’s logo fades in with a promised release date sometime in 2021.

While a release date around Halloween is usually a killer plan for horror games, Little Hope comes out at a time where it’s easy to see it getting lost in the shuffle. With new consoles on the horizon in just over a week, players are likely focused on big launch titles for both machines. Dedicated fans may also show up in fewer numbers due to the problems some had with Man of Medan, and the long wait for a second entry in what’s supposed to be an episodic series can’t help matters much.

While originally planned for a release every six months, the state of the world delayed the second entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology to over a year past its first entry. One could hope that the third entry makes its debut quicker than that, as a continually expanded development cycle for each chapter could making continuing the series to the eight planned installments financially unviable. Having said that, the military setting and bankable lead star of House of Ashes gives it the potential to be the most successful entry in the series so far, especially if those elements combine with the signature horror that Supermassive does so well.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: RabidRetrospectGames

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