New Horizons’ Christmas Event Starts


Animal Crossing: New Horizons might see the return of some favorite holiday events this year, like Toy Day. But when will Jingle come to town in 2020?

The holidays are just around the corner for fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, leaving players wondering what events might be added to the game in the coming months. In past games like New Leaf, players began preparation for events like the Winter Solstice and Toy Day at the start of December. While it is still a little early in the Northern Hemisphere’s chilly months to know for certain what might be added to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the holiday celebrations, there are some indicators that past favorites might be making a reappearance.

In past games, Toy Day began the first day of December, when a player could go to each villager and ask what they might like from Santa that year. Besides collecting the Animal Crossing bugs of the season, this gave the player most of the month to prepare the list of gifts needed to bring holiday joy to the residents of their town. A Santa Outfit was also required in past games, and the player could buy it piece by piece at the shop through the month. When the event began, players would dress up as Santa, speak with Jingle the reindeer to receive the villager gifts, and then hand out the gifts according to who asked for what. When the gift-giving was done, the player would be rewarded with a gift of their own from Jingle for a job well done.

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In a trailer for New Horizons‘ fall update, Nintendo revealed Jingle will return via an update at the end of November. Much like the Halloween Event for New Horizons this year, where the player had the month to get ready for the big day by collecting candy from Nook’s Cranny and friends’ islands, players can expect New Horizons‘ first Toy Day prep to start on the first of the month, December 1. In New Leaf, the actual Toy Day event itself started at 6 PM on December 24, when the player speaks to Jingle to begin giving gifts.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is Ready For Events Like Toy Day


Because of what is known from games like New Leaf and what players have seen from seasonal events in New Horizons, it is possible many of the old mechanics will make a reappearance for this year’s Toy Day, but there’s also potential for additional new content, like the pumpkin crafting players enjoyed through October. Whether it is a new winter crop to grow or being able to find seasonal items or DIY recipes to help decorate the island, Animal Crossing has already brought back old traditions with new twists for this year’s previous holiday events.

Thanks to previous holiday events in New Horizons and other Animal Crossing games, players have a good glimpse into the future for what they might see this December. With Toy Day due to make a reappearance, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has eager players awaiting more updates and teasers for what can be expected this holiday season, when Jingle the reindeer will return and visit their town with a bag full of goodies for every island resident.

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