Other Unanimous Winners Like Cody (& Those That Got Close)


Cody Calafiore won Big Brother 22: All-Stars by a unanimous 9-0 jury vote. Here are the other winners who achieved this or got very close to it.

Cody Calafiore won Big Brother 22: All-Stars by a unanimous 9-0 jury vote, but there are other winners who also achieved this or at least got very close to it. It was on BB2 that the show introduced this format of having a jury vote to elect the winner of the season. That year, Dr. Will Kirby was taken to the finale by Nicole Schaffrich only to win the $500,000 grand prize over her by a 5-2 jury vote. For 12 seasons between BB2 and BB14, the series kept the format of seven jury members. The only exception was BB3, which had a total of 10 jury members. Then, things changed on BB15, when the number of jurors was raised from seven to nine.

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Every year, the nine Big Brother jury members are tasked with the burden and with the honor of voting for someone to win the show. But that doesn’t mean that it’s all fun and games for these evictees. After all, they don’t get to go home right away, and more often than not they have to spend the rest of their summer in the jury house with people that they didn’t even like in the first place. Despite the abundance of free time, the jury members still can’t reach out to their loved ones or watch TV shows and movies. All they do is contemplate what they could’ve possibly done differently to stay in the game. Sometimes, this leads to very bitter jurors.

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It is very impressive that Cody Calafiore won Big Brother: All-Stars by a unanimous 9-0 jury vote. The only other winner who managed to do that was Dan Gheesling, who won Big Brother 10 by a 7-0 jury vote. When all the other statistics are taken into consideration, however, Cody’s BB22 resume does beat Dan’s BB10 track record. For one, Cody faced a 9-person jury, while Dan faced a 7-person jury. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but reaching a unanimous verdict of nine votes is harder than doing so with seven votes. On BB10, Dan won three HOHs, two POVs, and was put up on the block twice. In turn, BB22 winner Cody won four HOHs and four POVs, and he wasn’t nominated for eviction a single time.


Cody Calafiore and Dan Gheesling might be the only two Big Brother winners to have won by a unanimous vote, but there are definitely a few winners who got extremely close to that verdict. Of note, Lisa Donahue (BB3), Jun Song (BB4), Mike Boogie Mail (BB7), Adam Jasinski (BB9), and Ian Terry (BB14) all only received one jury vote against them at the finale, which is still very impressive.

Now that he won Big Brother 22: All-Stars, Cody has joined the winners’ circle with a pretty perfect track record. That said, only time will tell how he will be remembered by the fans.

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