Batman Just Fought A Corrupted Batcomputer


Batman and Superman have fought a number of powerful villains over the years, but are they ready to fight Batman’s own supercomputer?

Spoilers for Batman/Superman #13 ahead!

Batman just fought the Batcomputer, and it ended in the most unexpected way possible. In Batman/Superman #13, by writer Joshua Williamson (The Flash), artist Max Raynor (The Terrifics) and colorist Alejandro Sanchez (Detective Comics), Batman and Superman must face off against a computer program Batman wrote that has gone rogue. The program creates robot versions of some of the duo’s greatest foes, such as Doomsday and The Joker. And just when the heroes thought they won, the program manages to find a way to survive.

In the previous issue, readers learn Batman had written the program, which functioned as a database of villains. Unfortunately, the program becomes corrupted by a virus. As the heroes dig deeper, they learn the virus is from the bottled Kryptonian city of Kandor – implying Brainiac is behind it. This move demolishes the Batcave, and Steel and Batwoman receive an SOS and learn of what happened. Batman and Superman are now on the moon, and Batwoman and Steel there to help.

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When the duo arrives, their spacecraft is beset upon by robots, including a robotic Doomsday. The pair then see a robotic Riddler torturing Batman while the computer program he wrote, now with a mind of its own, attempts to psychoanalyze him. Batman is able to break free, and after destroying the robot Riddler, asks the computer to create a robot version of the Joker.

Robotic Joker


The book flashes to Superman fighting, and the computer is attempting to get under his skin much the same way it did Batman. Superman easily fights off the robots, but he is overwhelmed. Batman arrives and readers only then learn exactly why Batman created the robotic Joker: The Joker’s thought processes are so chaotic that a logical and orderly computer cannot make sense of them. Batman was then able to reprogram it snd further disrupt Brainiac. But Brainiac will not be denied and creates a new more powerful robot – and it’s a hybrid of both Batman and Superman!

This is not the first time Batman’s technology and information have been turned against him, but this is the first time he has ever had to contend with his computer. Batman would need only the most sophisticated computer in existence. Couple that with the treasure trove of information that will be stored in it, and it is ripe for an attack, which is exactly what Brainiac does. He effectively turns Batman’s tech against him, and even when the Dark Knight thanks he has found a way to defeat it, it turns that defeat into a victory.

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