Can You Play Among Us With No Impostors


Among Us is a game that relies on the interactions of Crewmates and Imposters, but is it possible to play without the Imposter role, and if so, how?

Among Us owes much of its success to its unique, social gameplay, which results in fun interactions between its two parties of players. Impostors must kill crewmates, and crewmates must complete a series of tasks before being killed. With this interaction being the core mechanic of Among Us, though, would it be possible to play a game without any Impostors?

A variety of player-created game modes have grown popular in Among Us. A great example is Among Us Hide and Seek, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The Impostor reveals themselves as soon as a game starts, gives everyone time to hide, and then must find and kill them with limited sight and abilities. These kinds of game modes are not only creative but often serve as inspiration for other game modes and spin-offs, further changing how one can play the game.

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With the way Among Us currently works, the only way to legitimately play with no Impostors is in the pre-game lobby. With InnerSloth’s plans to update Among Us, though, this could be subject to change. For those who like tasks and hoped to get rid of the Impostor, though, there is still some hope. Game modes like the previously mentioned Hide and Seek can attest to that, and there’s opportunity for more creative, player-made game modes to simulate an Impostor-less experience.

How Set Up Impostor-Free Among Us Modes


The best way to play Among Us “without Impostors” is to set up a lobby with established and agreed-upon rules for both Impostors and crewmates. This way, players can create their own game system, where the Impostor might play a different kind of role than crewmate-murderer. Another option might be to have an account with no one playing join, then reset the game until they become the Impostor so that everyone can enjoy their tasks. This way is somewhat time-consuming, though, especially in decently sized lobbies.

There is currently no real way to play Among Us without an Impostor. With how much progress Among Us updates are making, though, it might not be surprising to see game modes or options come out in the future that change this. Until then, players in Among Us have proven to be more than capable of finding their own fun workarounds to the game’s established rules. So, if players simply want to relax and complete some tasks, then there are definitely ways to do so in this popular title.

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